Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cup Worthy

So, how many beers do you think the Cup holds?
It's Stanley Cup Final time, which means debating about what players deserve to win and who you'd rather see hoist the Cup. While there are no Teemu Selanne-esque stories to tell this year, there are a few players on both the Kings and Devils who are due to get their day with the Stanley Cup this summer. You may not like them, but any guy who's played a lot of hockey without even a whiff of Cup Final action deserves this chance.

Here's a closer look at a few guys hockey fans might enjoy seeing with their name on the Cup.

Willie Mitchell

This is Willie Mitchell's first Stanley Cup Final. After having to watch his former Vancouver team compete for the Cup last year, he was able to help knock them out in the first round with some shut down defence. This Final is also bittersweet for Mitchell who was in the Devils farm system playing for the Albany River Rats when they won the Stanley Cup in 2000.

Mike Richards/Jeff Carter

Love 'em or hate 'em, these guys got shafted by Holmgren. After signing cap friendly contracts and leading the Flyers to the Stanley Cup Final in 2010, they were traded before their full NTC's kicked in. Carter got the worst deal having to spend half the season in Columbus. If the Kings win the Cup these two will put Seguin and Marchand to shame.

Martin Brodeur

Sure he's got three already, but it's 40-year-old Marty and he's been entertaining us all spring. We're guaranteed to hear a lot of talk about potential retirement, and what a way it would be for one of the greatest goaltenders to go out on top.

Johan Hedberg

The ultimate team guy, at 39 years of age, Moose helped keep the Devils ship afloat when Brodeur struggled, and for his run with the Pens in 2001 he deserves his name on the Cup. While he's only played two periods of hockey this spring, he's been the Devils 'Unsung Hero' the past two seasons and is a great guy in the dressing room. A great backup and true Players' Player.

Bryce Salvador

Making his first trip to the Stanley Cup Final and having the playoff performance of his career at 36 years of age. After a 5-year junior career and a 3-year AHL tour, Salvador became a regular NHLer with the St. Louis Blues in 2000-01. In his 11th season, Salvador had one of his best all-around seasons and is among the league leaders in defensive scoring this spring. The guy worked hard to make it to the NHL and is playing some of his best hockey when most guys fade, he wants the Cup.

Dainius Zubrus

At age 33, Zubrus is a well journeyed NHLer playing for his 5th NHL team and competing in over 1000 games. In his rookie season back in 1996-97, Zubrus helped the Flyers make it to the Stanley Cup Final (only to be swept by the Red Wing), and 15 years later he'll hope to actually win a Stanley Cup Final game. If Zubrus is fortunate enough, he could be first Lithuanian player to hoist the Stanley Cup.

Ilya Kovalchuk

The guy spent 8 seasons in Atlanta where he only got to play in 4 playoff games - you gotta feel for the superstars on shitty teams. Kovalchuk has really stepped up his game in the playoffs despite playing injured and being an "enigmatic Russian"; Kovy is a potential Conn Smythe candidate if he continues to lead the Devils offensively.

There are definitely some Cup Worthy guys to cheer for this Final, but none of them compare to Ray:



  1. Would love to see Mitchell hoist the cup, which I think he'll do because the Kings look stronger.

  2. Not being a douche, I'll have to root against the Carter/Richards marriage.


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