Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Stanley Cup Playoffs Hangover (For Fans)

You've heard of the Stanley Cup Hangover, especially this year with the Boston Bruins struggling early in the season and near the end of the season as they bowed out in the First Round, meaning there will be a new Stanley Cup Champion this year. However, as hockey fans, we get Stanley Cup hangovers all the time. With so much hockey on TV to watch and so many nights out enjoying the games, there are going to be some painful mornings on the horizon after a solid night of hockey watching. 

Here are some of the symptoms of a Fan Stanley Cup Hangover:
  • Pain in your palm area as a result of incessant high-fiving. You know you had a good night if both palms hurt and you opted for multiple double high-fives.
  • People aren't talking to you at work and you might be getting kicked out of school after making stupid tweets following the Game 7 OT of the Washington/Boston series.
  • You wake up to a FedEx express delivery of Jaromir Jagr peanut butter you ordered while hammered last night.
  • Despite watching 3 hockey games the previous night, you don't remember any of the scores.
  • You wake up with chicken wing sauce on your face à la Bruce Boudreau, but don't remember eating chicken wings. 
  • Your favourite team's (that didn't make the playoffs) memorabilia that you had hanged up in your basement is damaged and strewn across the room as you came home angry you didn't watch them that night and took it out on your 1990s posters. 
  • You wake up with full a sleeve of tattoos including your team's logo only to find out that your roommate pranked you with the shitty NHL Fan Ink Tattoo Sleeve
  • Slept in and missed school or work, but it's cool because the World Hockey Championships just came on at noon. 
  • You think you bought a Nashville Predators jersey last night and threw in the garbage. Nope, just puke!
  • You wake up to see you started an NHL Playoffs on NHL 12 last night, but your user team quickly got swept in the first round. 
  • You also wake up to see you brought your old Sega Genesis out of storage and created yourself on a line with Jeremy Roenick in NHLPA Hockey '93.
  • If you're favourite team was eliminated, but you don't remember it due to blacking out. Sorrows can swim my friends, don't try and drown them. 
  • If you wake up with a tattoo that says "Stanley Cup Champians" on your ribs or you have a Columbus Blue Jackets tramp stamp you probably lost a bet. 
  • You wake up and your girlfriend has moved out to sleep at her parents house until the playoffs are over.
  • After late night conversations about how well you know the game of hockey, you now have a hockey blog. 
  • Your knees are killing from playing drunken ball hockey at 3am, also that noise complaint ticket in your back pocket is total bullshit.
  • Or you woke up to footage of you trying to take on a mechanical bull wearing your favourite player's jersey:


  1. "You think you bought a Nashville Predators jersey last night and threw in the garbage. Nope, just puke!"

    haha worse in the league

    1. They are so ugly
      only motorcross fans could like them

  2. If someone has a Columbus Blue Jackets tramp stamp they had to have lost a bet!

  3. I will be honest. Once the Pens got knocked out I just don't seem to care that much now.
    If a game is on I will watch. But I am not planning my nights anymore around playoff hockey.
    Plus Baseball is on.


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