Friday, June 22, 2012

2012 NHL Entry Draft Drinking Game

Looks like a good Beer Pong Tournament setup...
It's a Friday night, there is an aura of optimism surrounding your team as they make a pick for their franchise's future, so why not have a little predrink to the Draft before hitting downtown?  It's good way to have some fun and drown your sorrows when your team makes a pick you disagree with, just don't be an idiot and go too hard to the point where you're puking like these kids after the Wingate test at the NHL Combine. 

The rules are simple: pick your own Draft Order for the 1st round or use a mock draft from your favourite blog or one of the many “expert” draft predictions out there (here's Bob McKenzie's rankings). Once you have that list, follows the rules below.

For Draft Selections
  • Drink the difference between your pick and the actual selection
  • If a player goes higher than your selection – 1 extra drink
  • If a player drops lower than your selection - 1 extra drink
  • If a player you selected slips out of the Top 10 – 3 drinks
  • If a player you selected drops out of the first round - 5 drinks
For Trades:
  • If Gary Bettman says “we have a trade to announce” – 2 drinks
  • If that trade is draft picks being swapped – 1 drink
  • If that trade involves a prospect – 2 drinks
  • If that trade involves a roster player – 3 drinks
  • If Gary Bettman is booed before making the announcement - 4 drinks
For GM's
  • Every time a GM thanks the City of Pittsburgh for hosting – 1 drink
  • Every time a GM congratulates the LA Kings for winning the Stanley Cup – 1 drink
  • Every time Rangers GM Glen Sather is shown with a cigar in his mouth - 2 drinks
  • Every time Scott Howson is shown and Rick Nash's name is brought up -3 drinks
  • Every time Leafs GM Brian Burke is shown with his tie undone – 4 drinks
For Players
  • Every time they say the word "dream" while being interviewed - 1 drink
  • If a player shows obvious signs of sweating (pit stains) - 3 drinks
  • If a player actually says he is excited to play in Columbus, Phoenix or Long Island (they probably failed the psych tests) - 4 drinks
  • If a player curves his team hat before putting it on - 5 drinks
  • If Nail Yakupov makes an anti-Canadian speech - chug your beer


  1. so excited for tonight!

  2. As an Oilers fan this is the best time of the year. I do hope they trade down and end up getting 2 solid young Dmen.

    1. If the Oilers trade the 1st pick I am chugging a 40oz. Would be stupid to not take Nail.

  3. I expect big things with that 29th pick Lou! Watch us land Luongo, Nash and enough money to get the Devils out of debt with it.....Well I can at least dream that.


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