Sunday, July 1, 2012

2012 NHL Free Agent Frenzy Drinking Game

It's the second most hyped day of the year as the NHL Free Agent market opens up today. There are some notable free agents out there looking for new homes and teams looking to spend big money on third and fourth liners. While this day is usually a letdown, it's important to treasure it more than previous years as the NHL/NHLPA CBA negotiations heat up over the summer and the 2012-13 season's fate remains unknown. So grab you're favourite drink and play along!

Here are the rules:

One Drink
  • For every free agent signing.
  • Any time "CBA" is mentioned. 
  • Every time you think "I don't give a shit what that person said on Twitter."
  • Any time a panellist mentions how many signings there were in previous years.
Two Drinks
  • Every time an NHL GM is shown on TV.
  • Any time you check CapGeek.
  • If a players agent name is said (examples: Allan Walsh, Don Meehan, etc).
  • Any time the phrase "never played an NHL game" or something similar is mentioned with Justin Schultz.
Three Drinks
  • When a recently signed player is interviewed over the phone.
  • If you miss a signing because you were getting a new drink.
  • If a player over the age of 35 signs a new contract.
  • If you think a player was overpaid.
Four Drinks
  • If Montreal signs a French player.
  • If a trade is made.
  • If a player over the age of 40 signs a new contract.
  • If a player you wanted your team to sign goes elsewhere.
  • If you fall for a fake Twitter account announcing a signing.
  • If you catch one of the TSN panellists eating pizza.
  • If a restricted free agent signs an offer sheet.
  • Any time during the day you remember a past free agent signing your team made that you wish they never had.


  1. I knew the Monster would end up with the Red Wings.

  2. You guys are the photoshop kings

  3. Giroux is a boss

  4. Colby's really gona drive the Habs nuts now


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