Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dirty Dangle 2012 NHL Awards Drinking Game

And the Award for Biggest Off-Ice Mess goes to...
It's that time of year again when the hockey world gets together to hand out some hardware and almost everybody leaves disappointed. From shitty hosts, brutal music acts, mispronounced names of legends, and award controversies; the NHL Awards are often criticized for their shortcomings. Award shows are sometimes tough to watch, especially for sports leagues, so why not throw back some beers with your friends and make it fun in your own way?

With that, we present you with the Dirty Dangle 2012 NHL Awards Drinking Game:

First off, pick your list of winners from this list. For every award pick you get wrong, take two drinks, for every award you get right, hand out two drinks. Also, If you get the GM of the Year Award wrong, you have to manage the beer for the rest of the night and be your friends beer bitch. 

One Drink
  • Every time someone congratulates the LA Kings on winning the Stanley Cup.
  • As per any NHL event, drink any time Sidney Crosby's name is mentioned.
  • Every time you shake your head disapprovingly during Nickelback's performances. 
  • Any time an advertisement for Las Vegas is shown. 
Two Drinks
  • If you think to yourself, "why the hell is [random celebrity] here?"
  • Whenever they show the losers of an award while the winner gives the speech.
  • Every time you look at one of the players wives and think "[expletive], she's hot".
  • Any time you laugh at one of Evgeni Malkin's speeches.
Three Drinks 
  • If Kevin Smith wears jean shorts and a hockey jersey.
  • Every time you notice how greasy Erik Karlsson's $6.5 million dollar hair is. 
  • If a player not nominated for any trophy is shown at the Awards. Looking at you BizNasty.  
  • If they show Jordan Eberle and you think it looks like he just woke up
Four Drinks
  • If Vince Vaughn makes a Swingers reference. 
  • If one of the Kings players are still rocking their playoff beard.
  • If a player's name is mispronounced
  • If any mention of the The Mighty Ducks occurs when Joshua Jackson presents.
Chug A Beer
  • If Chaka Khan is mentioned
  • If Paulina Gretzky tweets or Instagram's something that makes you think life is not fair.
  • If you miss Jay Mohr hosting. Also, give yourself a good, long look in the mirror. 
  • If John Tortorella wins the Jack Adams and his acceptance speech is less than 20 seconds. 


  1. Well my Wednesday night just got awhole lot better.

  2. they should have all those guys from hockey movies wear their jerseys. Youngblood, Conway... would be awesome

  3. I didn't even watch the NHL awards, But everyone at work is saying how brutal they were.


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