Monday, June 18, 2012

Hockey's Over. What To Do?

The Stanley Cup has been given out and all the NHLers are relaxing at their cottages while golfing five times a week. Sure we still have the NHL Awards, NHL Entry Draft, and Free Agency to look forward to, but there are no NHL games for another three months. The NHL offseason is the time to maybe reconnect with your family and other loved ones you have neglected over the past season…or not. Just because it's summer doesn't mean you have to sit around and sulk because there's no hockey to watch. In fact, there's still plenty of hockey related things to do and enjoy.

Here are some hockey-related things do this summer when you go into hockey withdrawal:
  • Practice your wrist shot. You had a plastic sheet of ice to shoot pucks on as a kid. It'd be even cooler to do now when you own your own house. Bonus points if you have a Sieve Mason Shooter Tutor.
  • Use eBay this summer to help kill time at work, but also start rebuilding your hockey card collection. On this note too, you can take the time-consuming effort to try and find out the value of your hockey card collection.
  • Hit up the Hockey Hall of Fame. See some old-school stuff, boost your ego by beating kids at trivia, and get your picture with the Cup. Oh yeah, it's air conditioned too. 
  • Roller hockey. All you need is a newly paved parking lot (or the roof of your work) and a 24. Throw some poor sap in net to play goal in the heat and you've got yourself a game.
  • Get excited for when July 1st rolls around and 3rd and 4th line guys get more attention than Kate Upton on a beach.
  • After the free agent frenzy has passed, make all the transactions in NHL 12 and start a franchise with your team to see how the new guys are going to look in the fall. 
  • Stock up on some hockey books for the cottage. Nothing better than lying in a hammock with a 6-pack and a great read about hockey.
  • It's the offseason and you can find some great deals on equipment. Spending a Saturday at an air-conditioned hockey store is heaven. It's a whole lot better than being stuck in an IKEA with the GF.
  • Find a Sim Hockey League. There is no offseason and beer guts are encouraged.
  • Get out that stash of VHS' and watch them with some beers. Not your porn collection, you're Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em's!
  • Get pumped up for the 40th anniversary of the Summit Series by rewatching the entire series and then watching the Canada-Russia Challenge in August.
  • Build something awesome out of hockey sticks. Muskoka chairs look nice at the cottage while a beer pong table is a university staple.
  • Finally, on those hot summer nights when you just want to shut it down and watch a movie with the AC on; hit up the classics like Slapshot, Mystery, Alaska, and Youngblood.


  1. Start a baseball blog?

  2. No. No baseball.

  3. Roller hockey on a freshly paved parking lot.
    Great fucking afternoon

  4. The only good thing about going to IKEA with the GF is the meatballs and fountain pop.

  5. What movie is that picture from?

  6. I play in ball hockey leagues all season long. No offseason ever and 4 chances to win the championship every year.


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