Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What Will Tim Thomas Do During His Year Off?

In less than a year, Tim Thomas has gone from a beloved Stanley Cup hero to quite the crazy character off the ice. His behaviour is even more pronounced when he's behind his keyboard and on Facebook. It all started when he refused to go to the White House with his Stanley Cup winning Bruins because the government was growing out of control and his latest eccentricity will now take him out of hockey for a year and potentially out of a Boston Bruins uniform. Amidst reports that he would be taking a year off from hockey, Thomas made the decision official via Facebook (where he does most of his announcements and public interactions) and stated that he would be taking the year off to concentrate and reconnect with the three F's - friends, family and faith. That's a good chunk off time off, so just what will Tim Thomas be up to over the year?

Here are some of our ideas of what Timmy Thomas might be up to during his sabbatical:
  • Continue pimping G-Form and Evo Ultra Fit at inappropriate times.
  • Concentrating on his 4th F - Farmville.
  • Getting around to having that dinner with conservative TV pundit, Glenn Beck. 
  • Two pad stacking his kids in road hockey.
  • Regretting his purchase of Facebook's IPO.
  • Pumping Mitt Romney's tires.
  • Hanging out with Dominik Hasek and encouraging him to continue his NHL comeback. 
  • Concentrating on his Faith Hill obsession and following her around on tour (he didn't specify what Faith he'd be reconnecting with). 
  • Growing out his moustache.
  • Preparing for an economic collapse and the end of the world by bunkering underground and appearing on Doomsday Preppers.

You can't fault the guy for wanting to spend more time with his family and friends, but if that's the case, just retire. He's screwing over the Bruins for $5 million (which most people don't mind) and at age 38 it's pretty ridiculous to hear of an athlete going on vacation for an entire season. Thomas' break is very strange, and it will be even more interesting to see how the Bruins handle his contract and if they are able to deal him when his no trade clause is up on July 1st. Until then, keep checking his Facebook updates as they are bound to increase with all his time off. 


  1. The "bunkering down" shot is from the Cu Chi tunnels in Vietnam.

  2. My ex girlfriend was obsessed with Farmville. She spent hours on that stupid game. I like the ball hockey playing timmmy thomas, that 5hole is pretty juicy.

  3. Doomsday Preppers is a sweet show. Those people are so messed up - just like Tim Thomas.

  4. Maybe he's just tired of getting mistaken for Drew Carey. But seriously, why doesn't he just retire?

  5. It's because he's a cunt.

  6. Haha amazing.
    I just don't understand how a guy turns down $5M a year...(shakes head)

  7. This stuff is Gold
    love it

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