Tuesday, July 17, 2012

For Your Viewing: 19-Year-Old Peter Forsberg

Haven't seen a hockey game in a month? Sick of hearing where a free agent might go because he finally narrowed his list of teams down from 15 to 5? For Your Viewing helps your hockey withdrawal during the summer months and gives you a classic hockey video to watch and pass the time. It might be a game, a movie, or even just a clip, but they're all great to watch while sitting back with a cold one in hand. Sure beats counting down the days until training camp. 
The World Juniors are notorious for producing dominating performances from star junior players. When you let players like Eric Lindros, Pavel Bure, and Jaromir Jagr play against countries like Japan and Poland you're going to get a lot of blowouts and high point totals. However, none of these players could match Peter Forsberg's performance at the 1993 World Junior Championships when he potted a record 7 goals and 24 assists for 31 points in 7 games. His stats were helped by his linemates Markus Naslund and Niklas Sundstrom who became the highest scoring line in tournament history with 30 goals and 69 points.

While the search for highlights from the '93 tournament have often come up empty (I'm dying to see the game when Sweden shelled Japan 20-1 and Forsberg put up a tournament record 10 points in a single game), someone has finally put up Peter Forsberg highlights from that '93 tournament and man are they good. He throws some big hits, has some nice rushes and serves up apples all day to his linemates. The best part of the highlights are that they look something my dad filmed in the 1980s with visible VHS tracking.

Here is Part One of the highlights that show a bit of Sweden's training camp and their game against Czechoslovakia.


And here is Part Two, which includes highlights against Canada and a dirty Chris Pronger hook. 


  1. He was a boss that tourney.

  2. Unreal hands and I loved how he would always spin off guys to protect the puck

  3. Was hoping to see highlights of all his goals and points, but I guess this is good enough. He and Naslund were dynamic together, an NHL team should have tried to get them together.

  4. Can't believe they called him for penalties on those hits! Bullshit!


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