Tuesday, July 10, 2012

For Your Viewing: Gross Misconduct

Haven't seen a hockey game in a month? Sick of hearing where a free agent might go because he finally narrowed his list of teams down from 15 to 5? For Your Viewing helps your hockey withdrawal during the summer months and gives you a classic hockey video to watch and pass the time. It might be a game, a movie, or even just a clip, but they're all great to watch while sitting back with a cold one in hand. Sure beats counting down the days until training camp. 
This week, we have Gross Misconduct on the reel. It tells the story of former, NHLer Brian "Spinner" Spencer, who we've wrote about before. Spencer had a 10-year roller coaster career with four NHL teams in which he battled on the ice, and even harder off of it. It's definitely worth a view so take a look at some early 1990s Canadian-made-for-TV drama. It's broken down into seven parts so just keep clicking on through.



  1. Just watched the first two parts. His Dad was a hard ass!

  2. Not sure if it's the actor or if that's how he acted, but he was a pretty annoying guy. Quite arrogant too.

  3. BOOBS ALERT!!! There's boobs at 5:45 of Part 5!

    1. Who knew Brian Spencer was an amateur pornstar?

  4. What a fall from grace for this guy...wow


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