Monday, July 9, 2012

Unbreakable: Career Shots On Goal

This is a feature that will showcase an NHL record that we believe is unbreakable. Not just "Wayne Gretzky is God" posts, these records will come from a wide range of players.
Ray looks tired from ripping so many clappers.
Record: Career shots on goal
Holder: Ray Bourque with 6,206 career shots

Record In Perspective:

Bourque is a defenceman, yet he leads Marcel Dionne in total shots by 840 shots. With an average of 3.84 shots/game and an accurate shot to boot, you really shouldn't be surprised that Bourque is on top. With a lengthy career spanning four decades (1979-2001), you are bound to get many chances to shoot, and Ray didn't pass up on them very often. Bourque also has the record for most shots on goal in one game with 19, unfortunately, Ron Tugnutt stopped 18 of them and 70 in total that night.

Closest Active Player:

Jaromir Jagr with 4,766 shots, almost 1500 less shots than Bourque. The closest active player who won't be retiring anytime soon is Ilya Kovalchuk who in 779 games has 2,884 shots on goal, still below Bourque's per game average. The biggest threat however is Alex Ovechkin, who through 553 games is averaging over 5 shots/game with 2,829 shots. If Ovie can stay healthy and stop his shots on goal total from decreasing as it has the past 3 seasons, then he very might well break this record by the time he's 35. Only 3377 shots to go. 

Why It Won't Be Broken:

Bourque in his 22 NHL seasons only had one season in which he didn't have over 200 shots. Even when he was in his late 30s and at the age of 40 he was taking shots like he was when he entered the league. It's hard to believe any player can keep that up that long, and especially to stay healthy. It can be argued it is a lot harder to get scoring chances in today's NHL, or even shooting chances for that matter. If a player is known to take a lot of shots, than opposing players and coaches will adapt more readily with strategy to prevent known shooter from unloading a scoring chance. 6,206 is just such a high number, even for Ovechkin.


  1. Jags might have had it if even he didn't go to the K...

  2. I'm surprised to see Bourque at the top, I mean, sure he played a long time, but he's a d-man. Surprised to see MacInnis is #3 too, I mean I know his shot was hard, but shouldn't defencemen be getting blocked more?


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