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The Best 16-Man Fantasy Hockey Team Since The 2004-05 Lockout

A few weeks ago, Pete Jensen of posted "The Best 16-Man Fantasy Hockey Roster Of All Time" and it's a pretty stacked team with some pretty unbelievable seasons since the expansion era of 1967. Using the same idea, we want to see what team we could put together since the 2004-05 Lockout as it is more current and the word lockout is being tossed around frequently these days. So using the same format used, we'll use the Yahoo! fantasy hockey generic hockey roster set-up (2 C, 2 LW, 2 RW, 4 D, 2 G, 4 BN) and statistics (G, A, PIM, plus-minus, PPG, SOG for skaters; W, G.A.A., SV%, SO for goalies) to determine the best 16-man fantasy hockey team roster since 2005.

Here we go:


Joe Thornton 2005-06

81 games played, 29 goals, 96 assists, 125 points, +31, 11 PPG, 61 PIM, 195 SOG
Jumbo Joe was traded from Boston to San Jose midseason after posting 33 points in 23 games. He then went on a playmaking tear of posting 92 points in 58 games with the Sharks. His 125 points in the first season following the lockout were the highest since Jaromir Jagr hit 127 points in 98-99 and that point total has not been matched since.

Evgeni Malkin 2011-12

75 games played, 50 goals, 59 assists, 109 points, +18, 12 PPG, 70 PIM, 339 SOG
Geno took home the Art Ross this year and was one of the top fantasy players because of his PIMs and SOGs despite missing 8 games with injury. Malkin will always be a top fantasy player because of those two categories, and if he plays a full year with Sid while at the peak of his game it's scary to think of what he can accomplish.


Alex Ovechkin 2007-08

82 games played, 65 goals, 47 assists, 112 points, +28, 22 PPG, 40 PIM, 446 SOG
Not many will forget when Ovie became the first player to score 60+ goals in a season since Mario Lemieux (69) and Jaromir Jagr (62) hit the mark in 1995-96. Ovechkin was an absolute beast that year taking 446 shots and scoring 22 powerplay markers. It was an exciting year, and we can only hope he shakes off this 35 goals/year slump.

Dany Heatley 2005-06

82 games played, 50 goals, 53 assists, 103 points, +29, 23 PPG, 86 PIM, 300 SOG
It pains us to admit that Dany "Fucking All-Star" Heatley was a dominant fantasy player in 05-06 with the Senators, but his stats made him a very valuable LW that year. After requesting a trade out of Atlanta, Heatley's fantasy stock soared (along with his +/-) and he helped you win your fantasy hockey league as a dual-winger that scored at will on the powerplay and took stupid penalties to pad your stats in those departments.


Jaromir Jagr 2005-06

82 games played, 54 goals, 69 assists, 123 points, +34, 24 PPG, 72 PIM, 368 SOG
The scoring race in 05-06 was one of the most exciting in recent years with Jagr and Thornton reaching totals we hadn't seen in almost a decade. Jagr has the second highest scoring season since the lockout and we're going to go ahead and say that his 2005-06 season at age 33 is the best fantasy hockey performance since the lockout hands down. His unreal point total accompanied by solid secondary stats makes fantasy GMs drool.

Teemu Selanne 2006-07

82 games played, 48 goals, 46 assists, 94 points, +26, 25 PPG, 82 PIM, 257 SOG
Another ageless wonder is one of our top fantasy performers since the lockout as Teemu lit the lamp as usual  on the right wing, but also chipped in with the PIMs to make any fantasy hockey GM smile. Selanne's 25 PPG are the 2nd highest in a season since the lockout and his +26 made him quite the all around RW on your squad that year.


Nicklas Lidstrom 2005-06

80 games played, 16 goals, 64 assists, 80 points, +21, 9 PPG, 50 PIM, 243 SOG
Nick Lidstrom is so damn consistent that he would have made this team almost every year since the lockout, but we're only taking his best season so you have to go with his career high 80 point season. As usual, Lids had a solid +/- and solid shot total to back up his offensive stats and of course won the Norris Trophy this year.

Mike Green 2009-10

75 games played, 19 goals, 57 assists, 76 points, +39, 10 PPG, 54 PIM, 205 SOG
While Mike Green may not be an automatic top pick in fantasy drafts this year, he certainly was three seasons ago when he was putting up more points than first line forwards. What made Green special that year was that he was a +39 (along with most of the Caps that year) and that he actually stayed healthy.

Erik Karlsson 2011-12

81 games played, 19 goals, 59 assists, 78 points, +16, 3 PPG, 42 PIM, 261 SOG
Karlsson dominated the defensive scoring this past year winning by 25 points. This put him well on his way to winning the Norris Trophy and gave a good laugh for all those that stole him mid-draft as he continued to fill the net and improved his +/- by +46 from his previous season's -30. At only 21, the future looks bright for the greasy-haired defenceman from Sweden who surprised many with his high point total at such a young age.

Sergei Zubov 2005-06

78 games played, 13 goals, 58 assists, 71 points, +20, 9 PPG, 46 PIM, 141 SOG
The 4th defensive spot could have been filled by many, but Zubov would have helped you the most with his high point total and +/-. While not much of a shooter, Zubov still managed 9 powerplay goals on 141 shots and would have been a great mid-draft steal. 


Martin Brodeur 2006-07

78 GP, 48 wins, 2.18 GAA, .922 SV%, 12 SO
One of the best fantasy hockey seasons by a goaltender ever, Brodeur's 48 wins and 12 shutouts would have you smiling all season long as Marty faced a career high 2182 shots and kept 2011 of them out. Brodeur may not have the high numbers other goalies have, but his NHL record 48 wins in a season are hard to argue against.

Tim Thomas 2010-11

57 GP, 35 wins, 2.00 GAA, .938 SV%, 9 SO
Pre-crazy Tim Thomas was just awesome to watch as he became the first road hockey goalie to succeed in the NHL. In their Stanley Cup winning year, Thomas bested Dominik Hasek's single-season save percentage record through 57 games and posted an impressive 2.00 GAA. We wish the 2011-12 Tim Thomas never existed because we want to remember Timmy for when he was just so much fun to watch on the ice and not on Facebook rambling away.


Sidney Crosby 2006-07

79 games played, 36 goals, 84 assists, 120 points, +10, 13 PPG, 60 PIM, 250 SOG
Crosby won the Art Ross easily this year and posted the 3rd highest point total since the lockout, but his other stats weren't enough to get him in the starting lineup. If Sid can remain healthy at this point in his career, it's pretty clear he can surpass these numbers as he's become more of a goal scoring threat and continually makes the players around him better.

Bryan McCabe 2005-06

73 games played, 19 goals, 49 assists, 68 points, -1, 13 PPG, 116 PIM, 207 SOG
Stop laughing. This is true. While he's the only minus player on this roster, McCabe's 19 goals (all in the oppositions net) and high PIMs and SOGs totals earn him a bench spot as a top fantasy hockey defenceman. McCabe's one timer on the Leafs powerplay was key to him potting 13 with the man advantage, and as long as you were't a Leaf fan with a vested interest in winning games, McCabe definitely came through for you in 05-06.

Daniel Sedin 2010-11

82 games played, 41 goals, 63 assists, 104 points, +30, 18 PPG, 32 PIM, 266 SOG
He beats out his twin, Hank, as Daniel simply takes more shots and score mores PPG because he's the goal scorer of the duo. Daniel clearly is the more impulsive twin shooting more often than Henrik which makes him a much better all around fantasy hockey player. Does anyone else feel like Brian Burke wheeling and dealing at the 1999 NHL Entry Draft when you end up landing both Sedin's on your roster?

Jonathan Quick 2011-12

69 GP, 35 wins, 1.95 GAA, .929 SV%, 10 SO
Quick was a brick wall in net all year for the Kings winning 35 games and losing countless others by 1-0 on his way to posting a 1.95 GAA and .929 SV%. His 10 shutouts led the league and his play would one of the main factors in the Kings making the playoffs and eventually winning the Stanley Cup. While his numbers are great, his wins just aren't as high as they should have been as the Kings didn't heat up until March

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  1. Wow so Joe Thornton was actually good many many years ago.
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