Thursday, November 29, 2012

Russian Minor Hockey Brawls

We came across this video on Reddit today and it's worth watching the entire 4 minutes of this clip for some laughs  These kids look to be around 10-years-old and for some reason they don't like each other:

 Let's break this clip down:
  • There is is a solid little brawl in the first 30 seconds that would make most hockey parents flip out and have all the kids talking about how awesome it was at school the next day. 
  • At the 32 second mark, Darius Kasparaitis shows up and knees some kid.
  • 40 seconds into the clip the goalie makes two big saves and then goes all nuts and jerseys a kid before giving his back a good pounding. The keeper then tosses a stick at the end of the fight out of his crease - you gotta keep those creases cleared. He is kicked out of the game and doesn't get a pop on the ride home from his parents.
  • At the 1:06 mark there is a nice hit to the head that would definitely be looked at by Brendan Shanahan while Colin Campbell would probably look the other way. 
  • Another mini line brawl breaks out at the 1:20 mark of the video. You gotta love seeing the gloves fly up in the air and then two of the white players trip over each other trying to tag team a bigger player in red.
  • Yup, another mini brawl at the 1:50 mark after a red player dives over the goalie. Just look at that penalty box filling up now.
  • At the 2:30 mark there is a trip and a whistle so of course these kids want to fight. Watch #10 on the white team pop a kid, jersey him and then near the end of the fight give him a nice upper cut. That kid definitely didn't go to the Alex Semin School of Fighting
  • At this point the penalty boxes are jammed packed and the referees cancel the game to the applause of the parents in the stands.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

EA Sports NHL Series Ideas

We're pretty addicted to NHL 13 these days with the ongoing Lockout and the approaching holidays meaning we'll probably be too drunk with family to play. The game is fantastic, but like most games, there is room for improvement. We listed the shortcomings of NHL 13 in our review of the game, and now's the time for us to share our creativity and offer some suggestions to make NHL 14 the best hockey game ever.

Things We're Missing Most

It's Day 74 of the NHL Lockout and hockey fans are really starting to get worried about losing another NHL season to labour negotiations and stubbornness. With more game cancellations and far too many basketball highlights on TV, the Lockout is really starting to get to us now. Drinking beers on Saturday nights just doesn't feel the same without some NHL hockey on, and the pain from those beers on Sunday afternoon is much worse without any matinee games to watch. We miss NHL hockey like Dion Phaneuf misses the net.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Old School Video Game Review: NHL Hitz 2003

While digging through the basement to find the Christmas decorations we stumbled upon our old Playstation 2 and copy of NHL Hitz 2003. A bunch of beers later, the memories of playing this game in marathon sessions were fresh in our minds. The NHL Hitz series offered an arcade-style of play compared to that of EA Sports' NHL series and we had some great times playing this game on hours end. If you were a fan of NFL Blitz, than you were a fan of NHL Hitz for it's massive hits and it's fast-paced play. The game took away some of the traditional elements of hockey games as you only had 3-on-3 play and the team rosters were limited to only stars and fan favourites which always made for a good time.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

How Was Your Clapper In Novice?

These NHLers as kids highlights keep popping up on YouTube and with every one we're blown away at just how good these guys were as 9 and 10-year-olds. One of the things that makes us shake our heads watching these clips is just how awesome their slapshots are at such a young age. Think back to when you were in novice and how your slapshot was, or if you even had one. There might have been that huskier kid on your team who could let them fly occasionally, but picking corners with hard rips from the top of the circle? No way.

Here's Kyle Turris of the Ottawa Senators at age nine letting a bullet go from the top of the circle to the top left corner:

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

007 Hockey

Here is a deleted scene from the 1981 James Bond flick, For Your Eyes Only, that features 007 fending off some hockey players trying to kill him. Check it out:

Monday, November 19, 2012

Who The NHL Lockout Really Sucks For

The NHL Lockout sucks for every hockey fan, but for some, it hurts a little more. We all looked forward to the NHL season and seeing players in new uniforms or just how our favourite teams would perform this year with a clean slate. Well, some fans and players may have had higher hopes for this season and are currently missing out on what could have been because of the NHL Lockout.

Fuck We're Going To Miss HBO 24/7

Thanks to this video created by TheNiz1101 it just sunk in that we won't be seeing any HBO 24/7 Maple Leafs/Red Wings: Road To The Winter Classic this year. Going to go watch the old ones and drink whatever beer is in my fridge now. Fuck. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Prospect Watch: Morgan Rielly Can Dangle

With the Super Series between Russia and the CHL wrapping up this week, Maple Leaf fans will get a good chance to watch their 2012 5th overall pick on TV. Morgan Rielly will be suiting up for the WHL for games 5 and 6 as the WHL looks to beat out the Russians and give the CHL the series win. Rielly will be looking to impress even more in his two games as he'll be auditioning for a spot on the blueline for Canada at the World Junior Championships this year in Ufa, Russia.

Monday, November 12, 2012

HHOF Inductee Memories: Pavel Bure

Despite only playing in 702 NHL regular season games, Pavel Bure is going into the Hockey Hall of Fame tonight and there is no argument that he belongs there. Bure was one of the most exciting players to watch growing up and always seemed to be lighting up some goaltender on his way to 437 goals. His goals/game ratio of .623 ranks him 5th all-time and one has to wonder just how many he would have gone on to score had his knees not been so banged up.

HHOF Inductee Memories: Adam Oates

Adam Oates is entering the Hockey Hall of Fame tonight thanks to his exceptional passing ability that put him 6th all-time in assists and 16th overall in NHL career scoring with 1420 points. Oates had a good day when it was announced he was part of the 2012 HHOF class as it was also the day he was named the new head coach of the Washington Capitals. Oates didn't have too many highlights throughout his career, but he saw the ice on another level and we'll remember him for making those around him better.

HHOF Inductee Memories: Joe Sakic

It's Induction Night at the Hockey Hall of Fame tonight as Joe Sakic, Mats Sundin, Adam Oates and Pavel Bure become enshrined in hockey history. While the event may be overshadowed by the NHL Lockout which forced the cancellation of the annual Hall of Fame Game, the ceremony should be a great one with lots of memories of some great players. With that said, here are our favourite memories of Joe Sakic.

HHOF Inductee Memories: Mats Sundin

Tonight is Induction Night at the Hockey Hall of Fame and while the NHL Lockout has put a damper on hockey this time of year we at least forget about the CBA for one night and look back on some great players. One of those players being honoured tonight is a Toronto legend who brought us to our feet for years wearing the blue and white (and sometimes green and brown). There is no doubt Mats Sundin is a Hall of Famer and belongs among the greatest to play the game having done so much with so little.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Where The CBA Negotiations Really Were...

Optimism was in the air all week as the NHL and NHLPA continued to meet at undisclosed locations and negotiate late into the night. Put the secrecy of the meetings and the late hours together and it's safe to say they were clearly meeting at a strip club. Luckily our girls Kiki and Skylar were working those nights and let us know how the negotiations were really going:

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Best Ball Hockey "Barns"

We all had our favourite places to play ball hockey when we were kids where the hours would just fly by. Heck, we all had back up places to play in case of parked cars or if some other kids with more muscle grabbed your spot first. These ball hockey barns were where you practiced your dangles, learned how to go backhand shelf with ease, and paid the price for stickhandling with your head down as your older brother slammed you into garage doors. As the Lockout continues and fans long for the game they love, we just want to remind you that you can always go back to your roots and play some street hockey to get your fix. It sure beats complaining about no NHL hockey on Twitter.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

NHLers Lighting It Up As Kids Pt. 2

David Booth foreshadowing how many Falcor's he would hunt.
Last week we found some pretty awesome videos of players like Steven Stamkos, Jonathan Toews and Jordan Eberle as nine and ten-year-olds tearing up a novice tournament in Edmonton. Well the videos kept coming this week and now we get to see David Booth, Tyler Seguin, Matthew Lombardi, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Nigel Dawes dangle and score along with Max Pacioretty catching Peter Mueller cutting into the middle. As the guys at Pension Plan Puppets wrote last week about the NHLers in novice videos, making it to the NHL isn't done through just hard work as these kids were born with the talent and at age 10 you can clearly see they are above the rest. So a note to those delusional hockey parents thinking they have the next NHL star under their roof, unless your kid is dominant like these NHLers were at age 10 then you need to give your head a shake.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Winter Classic Cancellation Is For The Best

"something something Winter Classic cancelled something something I'm an asshole."
When the news officially broke that the NHL had cancelled the Winter Classic between the Detroit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs it was understandable that a lot of people were pissed off. First off, you can't have a Winter Classic if you don't even have a season so people shouldn't have been that upset over one game when we've already lost hundreds. Many fans are saying that this cancellation is the final straw for them and they're done with the NHL for good, but when you think about it, cancelling the Winter Classic is for the best. With this stupid Lockout dragging on, even if the season did start soon the Winter Classic would be a cheapened experienced that would be rushed, and quite frankly, the NHL doesn't deserve to have a Winter Classic this year.

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