Wednesday, November 28, 2012

EA Sports NHL Series Ideas

We're pretty addicted to NHL 13 these days with the ongoing Lockout and the approaching holidays meaning we'll probably be too drunk with family to play. The game is fantastic, but like most games, there is room for improvement. We listed the shortcomings of NHL 13 in our review of the game, and now's the time for us to share our creativity and offer some suggestions to make NHL 14 the best hockey game ever.

Here are some fun suggestions for the NHL series to adopt:
  • Suspensions! Not any lengthy suspensions, but if you are ejected for hitting from behind or boarding, you should be a little nervous coming back to the main menu screen as you might have been Shanabanned for a game or four. One of my friends is an asshole who always hits from behind when he's losing and there is literally no repercussion for him if he takes out a top player for 20 games. 
  • Blood! While there is double-minor high sticking penalties you don't see any blood, and we all know that penalty is only called when blood is drawn. How cool would it be to score the game winning goal with some blood stained on your jersey or to cut a guy in mid-fight and see him bleed on himself? They could simply have a blood "on or off" option if the over-protective mothers don't approve.
  • All-Star Game Overhaul. Captains do a fantasy draft and even introduce a skills competition. You could do the ASG Draft as a game mode and in your Be A GM or Be A Pro the computer simply does it if you have not been named captain of a team. As for the skills competition there are many events that are easily doable. Fastest skater (especially with the new skating engine), puck control relays (already a practice mode), hardest shot, shot accuracy (already a practice mode) and a breakaway challenge to show off your dangles. Just some extra mini-games to make the game modes a little more fun. 
  • Speaking of the practice mode, it would be awesome if they built on their free skate mode where you were simply on a pond with a bunch of pucks scattered around the ice that you pick up as you go. Just like being the first guy out on the ice at a 6am practice. 
  • Cough up whatever it costs for an IIHF license and allow for the World Junior Tournament and World Hockey Championships to be played. Make busting your ass in junior worth it by being selected to represent your country at the World Juniors and if your team doesn't make the playoffs or is knocked out early you may be offered an invitation to join the World Hockey Championships somewhere in Europe. Also, every four years there should be an Olympic break in which you might have the honour to compete for an Olympic goal medal if you make your country's national team. 
  • Line Brawls! While some post-whistle scrums feature every player on the ice hitting each other, it would be amazing if after you finished one fight you switched to another player mid-fight. Gloves, buckets and sticks all over the ice would be great to see. 
  • Ability to hire/fire real NHL coaches in Be A GM mode. Why do you have to have a noname guy behind the bench? There should be a list of coaches that you can select from who would have different personalities and attributes that might suit your managing style. Even have the coaching list update as the years pass with players who have high hockey IQs becoming coaches when they retire or junior coaches working their way up to the show. 
  • In Be A GM mode there should be greater interaction with your players. If they are playing like shit you should be able to send a message that they might be demoted, or if they feel like they're not being used properly they can request trades.  
  • More dangles!


  1. Those goals look fake in that video. How the hell is he doing those moves?

  2. I would love to see the World Jrs Tournament in the game
    That would be sick.

  3. How about having a mini game during the loading screen before a game, just like how Fifa does it. One player can control the goalie and the other could be the skater. It would be even cooler if they had skills competition games instead of player vs. goalie while the games loading

  4. I want more customization of your pro, more hairstyles, beards and such, also I would like to start be a pro in the SEL(Swedish Elite League) and get drafted from there aswell as the option to start out in AHL and get called up if you do good. Also on the SEL note, please, every game aint played in Stockholm Sweden, it's not hard to look arena names up :) And the final thing, I enjoyed the feature in NHL 04 or 05 where you could upgrade med staff and like facilities and stuff as GM! :) P.S, love the IIHF idea!


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