Thursday, November 22, 2012

How Was Your Clapper In Novice?

These NHLers as kids highlights keep popping up on YouTube and with every one we're blown away at just how good these guys were as 9 and 10-year-olds. One of the things that makes us shake our heads watching these clips is just how awesome their slapshots are at such a young age. Think back to when you were in novice and how your slapshot was, or if you even had one. There might have been that huskier kid on your team who could let them fly occasionally, but picking corners with hard rips from the top of the circle? No way.

Here's Kyle Turris of the Ottawa Senators at age nine letting a bullet go from the top of the circle to the top left corner:

And here's Carolina's 2011 1st round pick, Ryan Murphy, dangling a few kids before letting a bomb go in the slot:

And Brent Seabrook unloading from the blueline to beat the goalie:

Those one hoppers are tricky...

How was your clapper in novice? How's it now?

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