Thursday, November 29, 2012

Russian Minor Hockey Brawls

We came across this video on Reddit today and it's worth watching the entire 4 minutes of this clip for some laughs  These kids look to be around 10-years-old and for some reason they don't like each other:

 Let's break this clip down:
  • There is is a solid little brawl in the first 30 seconds that would make most hockey parents flip out and have all the kids talking about how awesome it was at school the next day. 
  • At the 32 second mark, Darius Kasparaitis shows up and knees some kid.
  • 40 seconds into the clip the goalie makes two big saves and then goes all nuts and jerseys a kid before giving his back a good pounding. The keeper then tosses a stick at the end of the fight out of his crease - you gotta keep those creases cleared. He is kicked out of the game and doesn't get a pop on the ride home from his parents.
  • At the 1:06 mark there is a nice hit to the head that would definitely be looked at by Brendan Shanahan while Colin Campbell would probably look the other way. 
  • Another mini line brawl breaks out at the 1:20 mark of the video. You gotta love seeing the gloves fly up in the air and then two of the white players trip over each other trying to tag team a bigger player in red.
  • Yup, another mini brawl at the 1:50 mark after a red player dives over the goalie. Just look at that penalty box filling up now.
  • At the 2:30 mark there is a trip and a whistle so of course these kids want to fight. Watch #10 on the white team pop a kid, jersey him and then near the end of the fight give him a nice upper cut. That kid definitely didn't go to the Alex Semin School of Fighting
  • At this point the penalty boxes are jammed packed and the referees cancel the game to the applause of the parents in the stands.


  1. Canadians better look out. The Russians are getting tougher.

  2. Nice break down.
    The Refs let this game get out of hand

    1. I agree. Should have kicked kids out of the game to send a message early on into the game.


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