Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Evander Kane Is Not A Smart Guy

"Evander counts all the money he has saved from skipping out on tabs"

Evander Kane is living it up in Vegas while a lot of people have lost their jobs because of this lockout and have stacks of bills to pay, not stacks of cash to show off. Kane posted this picture to his Twitter account this morning in a tweet sent to boxing champ, Floyd Mayweather. While it is a pretty funny picture, the timing of this couldn't come at a worse time with the NHL still locked out and fan outrage growing daily. The NHLPA surely won't like this picture, as Kane appears to be living it up in Vegas despite not playing hockey.

The timing of his photo makes you wonder what is going on in his head. If this came out in the summer, Kane would have looked like a pimp, but during a lockout and as his union is trying to get more money? That is just plain stupid.

You might remember that Kane was supposed to be playing over in the KHL making more stacks of money, but was cut by Dinamo Minsk after just 12 games because he showed up out of shape and only managed to score 1 goal. Kane signed a $31.5M contract with the Winnipeg Jets on the eve of the NHL Lockout has  had his fair share of idiotic moments in Winnipeg involving money. He's been accused of skipping out on bills in Winnipeg restaurants and it's also been reported that Kane's business manager has gone around to bars and clubs asking for a fee in exchange for Kane tweeting that he and his teammates were there in order to draw fans, even if they weren’t really there.

So while NHLers are showing up to play street hockey with fans or even suiting up as goalie for mens ball hockey league games, Kane is flaunting his wealth and pissing fans off.


  1. Young, Rich and really cocky.
    Sounds like a NBA player.

  2. Winnipeg would be crazy to trade this guy though. He keeps getting better and better.


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