Monday, December 24, 2012

Old School Hockey Christmas Gifts

It's Christmas Eve and often we sit down and have some beers while talking about past Christmases and gifts. Most of these gifts were hockey-related growing up and we have some fond memories of using the shit out of those old school hockey Christmas gifts. Here are a few of our favourites:

Brett Hull GT Snow Racer

GT Snow Racers were the best, but Brett Hull GT Snow Racers were a must have. I'm pretty sure we had three on the go at one time, which also meant we had three Brett Hull posters. THINK LIKE A WINNER.

Table Hockey

While these pretty much got broken on Christmas Day from so much use, they were easily repaired and made for great sibling rivalry. I can remember having a season with my brothers and keeping track of stats in a notebook. It was legit. 

Don Cherry Rock'Em Sock'Em

While they still make these, they don't even come close the 1990s editions. 

Wayne Gretzky Street Hockey Shoes

LA Gear was huge in the 90s with NHL stars and Hollywood celebrities endorsing the shit out of the shoes and gear. Thus it was a must on every kids Christmas list to wear these CMM Tacks shoes.

What were some of your favourite hockey gifts growing up?


  1. I use to play in a table hockey league at a bar back in the 80's

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