Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ways To Make It Right With The Fans

This stupid NHL lockout continues to drag on and hockey fans have been showing more support to junior hockey and minor leaguers in the AHL, but nothing compares to the elite. There's a lot of talk about the NHL taking fans for granted and how some fans might not return to the NHL as they did after the 2004-05 NHL Lockout. A simply apology and painting "Thank You Fans" inside the bluelines won't suffice this year, the NHL will need to step it up to get the casual fan to return. We know we'll be back, but we probably won't by buying anything to support the league for a little while.

The NHL definitely has to make right with the fans when NHL hockey does return and we have a few ideas as to how:

• Free NHL Centre Ice would be a great way to get old fans to watch games again. This would also give the casual fan a chance to watch other teams and become a bigger fan of the game. Also, NHL Centre Ice packages are like crack, if you get a little sample you'll probably end up purchasing it in the future.

• Lower tickets prices for whenever NHL hockey resumes  NHL owners are have already lost millions and they should invest in their fans by giving them discounted tickets. If some markets suffer following the Lockout, they might not survive.

• Slash the prices at on all jerseys and other merchandise.

• Teams should offer autograph sessions after every game for the fans. Nothing will hook a kid on the NHL like meeting his favourite player.

• Discounted concessions in the arena and because they hike the prices up so much anyways they would still make money. Make it affordable for fans to attend NHL games with their families again.

• Sell beer at a respectable price. If I can buy a tall can for $2.50 at The Beer Store then there is no way in hell it should cost $10 bucks at a hockey game.

• Pay per view channels that some teams have to broadcast selected games should be free for the season. Looking at you Leafs TV, you piece of shit.

NHLers have been having some fun with fans during the Lockout through organizing charity tours and setting up road hockey games across Canada; hopefully they keep giving backs and the NHL makes it right.



  1. slashed ticket price= happy fans

  2. I think I'd be satisfied if they let me play in a few games.

    1. If there was a like button I would be liking the comment above.

  3. I won't be going back.
    NHL has screwed us way to often.


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