Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bad Luck Blue Jackets

Last night, the Columbus Blue Jackets got burned on a brutal no goal call by referee Dan O'Rourke. Midway through the second period and down 2-0, the Blue Jackets scored what appeared to be a powerplay goal on a point shot from Derick Brassard, but the goal was waved off immediately by O'Rourke for goaltender interference. Take a look: 

Now there is no penalty on the play so it was considered incidental contact between Crawford and Foligno, but from the replays you can see that Crawford initiates the only contact when he tries to play a game of Grab Ass with Foligno. O'Rourke is watching the front of the net prior to the goal and hastily waves the goal off to most players surprise. Fuck, Crawford doesn't even argue and goes immediately for a swig of water. You can see Hawks d-man, Brent Seabrook do a double take at the call, but the best reaction is Blue Jackets captain, Jack Johnson, simply laughing at the referee as he skates over to the timekeeper. Probably the worst thing about this call is the Columbus Superfan got all worked up for nothing:
We learned during the NHL Lockout that other leagues don't take too kindly to these botched calls by their referees, more specifically, the KHL. Over in the K, they don't fuck around with human error and suspend referees or send them down to the minor leagues. NHL officials have been slow out of the gate this year and the lockout appears to have put some rust on their whistles as the botched calls grow every game. This shit happens, but how much longer can we allow it without any repercussions? 

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