Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ryan Callahan Went To Work Last Night

There's always that one shift every season when a player sacrifices their body to block multiple shots and makes the fans rise to their feet. Well, Ryan Callahan had a pretty good one last night when he lost his stick and found himself out covering the point. We've always said that hockey players would make great Secret Service agents because even after they've taken one bullet, they get right back up to take another.

Take a look at Callahan's shift:

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Players Pierre McGuire Has Ruined For Us

Pierre McGuire is well known in hockey circles for his over-the-top calls and player hard-ons. Hell, he even has his own drinking game. For those that have had the honour of listening to Pierre during the World Juniors or between the benches in the NHL, you know exactly what we're talking about. It seems as though Pierre McGuire knows where every hockey player was born and knows their grandparents names. His colour commentary is often useless and his love for certain players goes deeper than a mothers love for their child. Perhaps the biggest thing about Pierre are his catchphrases: "monster", "big body presence", "el-kabongo", and "fine young man" are just a few to name. Throw his random knowledge, player boners, and painful catchphrases together and you have a bonafide player ruiner. While he hasn't actually ruined any players careers, he's ruined the way we think about certain players when we hear their names.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Jonathan Drouin Plays Keepaway In The Q

Jonathan Drouin fell to #4 on International Scouting Services February 2013 NHL Draft Rankings, but he's still #1 in our hearts for the dangles he's been showing off recently. The QMJHL leading scorer had one hell of a shift today as his dominant Halifax Mooseheads pummelled the lowly Acadie-Bathurst Titan 11-3. Late in the 2nd period, Drouin took control of the play for about 14 seconds before dishing the puck to Stefan Fournier for an easy tap in.

Zdangle Chara

Zdeno Chara is usually known for his size that results in big hits and guys getting ragdolled, but this afternoon the 6'9", 255lbs defenceman showed off some of his dangles. First, Chara pulled a spin-o-rama on rookie Jonathan Huberdeau, then shielded the puck from Stephen Weiss before going backhand shelf on Jacob Markstrom. Overall, it was a beautiful goal from an unlikely player. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Franchise Scoring Leaders Drinking Game

Henrik Sedin became the all-time leading scorer for the Vancouver Canucks last week and we quickly turned the feat into a drinking game by seeing how many other franchise scoring leaders we could name. Some of the franchise leaders are fairly obvious, but others will give you some trouble (which means more drinks!). The rules are simple, drink every time you guess wrong. To speed the game up and prevent overthinking, put a time limit on the game and give yourself limited time to make guesses. Get a friend to tell you you're wrong or write them out on a piece of paper if you have no friends, just make sure you have a drink in hand.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day Hockey Cards

It's that time of the year again where we all say Valentine's Day is really stupid, but still end up spending like Glen Sather as a means to try and get laid. While most of us eagerly anticipate for the day to be over so we can get discounted chocolate and candy the following day, some people get really into it and like to buy their loved ones or crushes flowers and cards. Well, if you have a hockey fan as your Valentine then you've come to the right place for Valentine's Day hockey cards. 

Erik Karlsson Doneski. Sens Fucked?

Erik Karlsson went down near the end of the 2nd period tonight and had to be helped off the ice without putting any pressure on his left leg. A laceration was first suspected as Matt Cooke's skate caught Karlsson above his heel guard, and then it was later confirmed that he would undergo surgery to repair a lacerated Achilles. For those familiar with such an injury, his 2013 NHL season is most likely doneski. Perhaps the scariest thing was seeing Karlsson try to push off and immediately scream in pain which reminded me of that disgusting scene in the movie Hostel.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Awards At The First Quarter Mark

The NHL season is 12 games in which means we're at the first quarter mark of the season and it's time to make some award predictions based off a relatively small sample size! Looking at stats and not-so-deep analysis of how players have played, we've come up with the following results for who would take home the major awards if the season were to end today. Sure this all means shit with 36 games to go in the season, but it's interesting to see what players have been award-worthy out the gate.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Struggling Out The Gate

Phil Kessel is the poster boy for struggling NHL stars this season, but he's not alone in making fans scratch their heads. Kessel is just one of many NHL stars who aren't scoring like we expected them to and giving fantasy hockey owners fits. Could it be the rust from the NHL Lockout? Or maybe they let themselves go during the extended offseason? Who knows, but they are definitely not finding the scoresheet like we know they can.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Team Canada 2014

It's crazy to think that Sidney Crosby's golden goal was 3 years ago and the next Winter Olympics are only one year away. Steve Yzerman and company will be sitting down over the summer and deciding who they want to come to the pre-Olympics camp. While it's easy to say which players will probably be going to the camp, actually picking a 23-man roster is fucking tough. Canada should have a very strong forward group with many skilled centres being forced to play wing and their defence core should also be pretty solid. The fun stuff comes to Canada's goaltending which is a big question mark with no #1 goalie standing out, but many great goalies to choose from.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Remember When NHLers Played In Europe?

The Ottawa Senators should really just switch to this logo.
Hey, remember that time the NHL was locked out and quite a few NHLers played in Europe? Since the Lockout ended in early January, you probably haven't bothered to check who's leading the KHL in scoring or how EV-Zug in the Swiss NLA are doing without their NHL stars. Well, despite leaving their squads almost a month ago, some of the NHL stars that flocked to Europe are still among the top scorers in their European leagues. It's probably not that hard to believe, but still pretty amazing to look back on at just how well some NHL stars performed overseas.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Goodbye NHL Centre Ice Free Preview

It's been a solid 13 days and nights of NHL hockey, especially when we were able to catch every single game on TV thanks to a free preview of NHL Centre Ice. Now it's time to say goodbye to our good friend, NHL Centre Ice Free Preview, and go back to watching our local team on TV and whatever national broadcasts are on. Sure we could fork over the $50 the NHL has priced the package at for the next three months, but when we say the NHL isn't getting a fucking dime from us this season we mean it.

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