Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ryan Callahan Went To Work Last Night

There's always that one shift every season when a player sacrifices their body to block multiple shots and makes the fans rise to their feet. Well, Ryan Callahan had a pretty good one last night when he lost his stick and found himself out covering the point. We've always said that hockey players would make great Secret Service agents because even after they've taken one bullet, they get right back up to take another.

Take a look at Callahan's shift:

After breaking his stick, Callahan and his Rangers are pinned down in their own end and he rushes out to the point not once, but twice to two-shinpad stack Zach Bogosian. After blocking the first shot, Callahan even throws a hit on the 6'3", 215lb defender and pushes him out of the play. Unable to glove the puck out of the zone, Callahan once again dives in front of Bogosian's shot and it ricochets off him to the opposing blue line. Finishing his line change strong, Callahan once again takes a run at the Jets defenceman at the end of his shift. Unfortunately, the captain couldn't do it all and the Rangers fell to the Jets 4-3.

Callahan's shift reminds us of another great shift from Tyler Carroll of the Guelph Storm in 2010 when he blocked three slappers while killing a 5-on-3 powerplay:

And another great shift from Tim Brent in 2011 as he blocks three shots killing a 5-on-3 powerplay before diving to clear the puck:

These are the shifts we remember as players risk injury to block a speeding puck from reaching the net even if their goalie has a clear view. You just can't help but love the effort and compete level when guys successfully block multiple shots on the same shift. 


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