Monday, March 18, 2013

Sergei Kostitsyn With The Worst Backcheck We've Ever Seen In Hockey

"You got this right, Shea?"
If there's one thing you get yelled at by a coach or teammate the most about it's backchecking. Even guys in beer league will give it to you if your strolling back as an odd-man rush breaks out - it's just something you have to attempt to do in hockey. Well Sergei Kostitsyn put every terrible backcheck to shame last night when he made a line change as a 2-on-1 developed. While on the powerplay, the puck hopped over Kostitsyn's stick and he lost a race for the puck with Sam Gagner. Rather than continuing to pressure Gagner from behind or peek over his shoulder to see if any other Oilers were breaking out, Kostitsyn puts his arm up to indicate a line change and heads to the bench. Perhaps the greatest thing about the entire sequence is the Nashville Predators coaches losing their shit on the bench as Kostitsyn comes to the bench oblivious to what is happening behind him.

This play is almost guaranteed to be a subject on Don Cherry's Coach's Corner this Saturday night where Kostitsyn will be tarred and feathered as a lazy European with no heart. We hope that's not the case and that  Don's message to all the kids out there is to never give up on a play until the whistle goes as it's something even Canadians are guilty of:


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  1. Sergei Kostitsyn will be with his brother again very soon in Russia with plays like that.


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