Tuesday, April 30, 2013

2013 NHL Awards Predictions

The 2013 NHL  regular season has come to a close and it's time to pick our winners for the major NHL awards before the playoffs influence our opinions. Some of these awards are very difficult to choose with many candidates in the running for each award. This was expected in a shortened 48-game season as nobody really had the time to run away with an award. We may not get an actual say in who will win, but our picks will make for a fun drinking game in June. 

Monday, April 29, 2013

Say Goodbye To Your Wife And Kids



#1 Pittsburgh vs. #8 NY Islanders

Wednesday, May 1 7:30 p.m. NY Islanders at Pittsburgh NBC Sports Network, TSN
Friday, May 3 7 p.m. NY Islanders at Pittsburgh NBC Sports Network, TSN
Sunday, May 5 Noon Pittsburgh at NY Islanders NBC, TSN
Tuesday, May 7 7 p.m. Pittsburgh at NY Islanders NBC Sports Network, TSN
*Thursday, May 9 7 p.m. NY Islanders at Pittsburgh TSN
*Saturday, May 11 TBD Pittsburgh at NY Islanders TSN
*Sunday, May 12 TBD NY Islanders at Pittsburgh TSN

#2 Montreal vs. #7 Ottawa

Thursday, May 2 7 p.m. Ottawa at Montreal CBC, RDS, CNBC

Friday, May 3 7 p.m. Ottawa at Montreal CBC, RDS, CNBC

Sunday, May 5 7 p.m. Montreal at Ottawa CBC, RDS, NBC Sports Network

Tuesday, May 7 7 p.m. Montreal at Ottawa CBC, RDS, CNBC

*Thursday, May 9 7 p.m. Ottawa at Montreal CBC, RDS

*Saturday, May 11 TBD Montreal at Ottawa CBC, RDS

*Sunday, May 12 TBD Ottawa at Montreal CBC, RDS

#3 Washington vs. #6 NY Rangers

Thursday, May 2 7:30 p.m. NY Rangers at Washington NBC Sports Network, TSN
Saturday, May 4 12:30 p.m. NY Rangers at Washington NBC, TSN
Monday, May 6 7:30 p.m. Washington at NY Rangers NBC Sports Network, TSN
Wednesday, May 8 7:30 p.m. Washington at NY Rangers NBC Sports Network, TSN
*Friday, May 10 7:30 p.m. NY Rangers at Washington TSN
*Sunday, May 12 TBD Washington at NY Rangers TSN
*Monday, May 13 TBD NY Rangers at Washington TSN

#4 Boston vs. #5 Toronto 

Wednesday, May 1 7 p.m. Toronto at Boston CNBC, CBC, RDS
Saturday, May 4 7 p.m. Toronto at Boston CNBC, CBC, RDS
Monday, May 6 7 p.m. Boston at Toronto CBC, RDS, NHL Network U.S.
Wednesday, May 8 7 p.m. Boston at Toronto CBC, RDS, NHL Network U.S.
*Friday, May 10 7 p.m. Toronto at Boston CBC, RDS
*Sunday, May 12 TBD Boston at Toronto CBC, RDS
*Monday, May 13 TBD Toronto at Boston CBC, RDS


#1 Chicago vs. #8 Minnesota

Tuesday, April 30 8 p.m. Minnesota at Chicago NBC Sports Network, CBC
Friday, May 3 9:30 p.m. Minnesota at Chicago NBC Sports Network, CBC
Sunday, May 5 3 p.m. Chicago at Minnesota NBC, CBC
Tuesday, May 7 9:30 p.m. Chicago at Minnesota NBC Sports Network, CBC
*Thursday, May 9 TBD Minnesota at Chicago CBC
*Saturday, May 11 TBD Chicago at Minnesota CBC
*Sunday, May 12 TBD Minnesota at Chicago CBC

#2 Anaheim vs. #7 Detroit 

Tuesday, April 30 10:30 p.m. Detroit at Anaheim NBC Sports Network, TSN
Thursday, May 2 10 p.m. Detroit at Anaheim NBC Sports Network, TSN
Saturday, May 4 7:30 p.m. Anaheim at Detroit NBC Sports Network, TSN
Monday, May 6 8 p.m. Anaheim at Detroit CNBC, TSN
*Wednesday, May 8 10 p.m. Detroit at Anaheim TSN
*Friday, May 10 TBD Anaheim at Detroit TSN
*Sunday, May 12 TBD Detroit at Anaheim TSN

#3 Vancouver vs. #6 San Jose

Wednesday, May 1 10:30 p.m. San Jose at Vancouver TSN, NBC Sports Network
Friday, May 3 10 p.m. San Jose at Vancouver TSN, CNBC
Sunday, May 5 10 p.m. Vancouver at San Jose NBC Sports Network, TSN
Tuesday, May 7 10 p.m. Vancouver at San Jose CNBC, TSN
*Thursday, May 9 10 p.m. San Jose at Vancouver TSN
*Saturday, May 11 TBD Vancouver at San Jose TSN
*Monday, May 13 TBD San Jose at Vancouver TSN

#4 St. Louis vs. #5 Los Angeles

Tuesday, April 30 8 p.m. Los Angeles at St. Louis CNBC, CBC
Thursday, May 2 9:30 p.m. Los Angeles at St. Louis CNBC, CBC
Saturday, May 4 10 p.m. St. Louis at Los Angeles NBC Sports Network, CBC
Monday, May 6 10 p.m. St. Louis at Los Angeles NBC Sports Network, CBC
*Wednesday, May 8 TBD Los Angeles at St. Louis CBC
*Friday, May 10 TBD St. Louis at Los Angeles CBC
*Monday, May 13 TBD Los Angeles at St. Louis CBC
* if necessary
TBD – To Be Determined

Sunday, April 28, 2013

We're Going Streaking!

Last year when the Los Angeles Kings won the Stanley Cup as the #8 seed and knocked out all the Western Conference division winners they turned a lot of heads. The Kings weren't a true #8 seed though and really shouldn't have surprised anyone with their late-season play. They heated up down the stretch and were one of the best teams in the league as the playoffs got underway. Going 16-3 in the Stanley Cup playoffs as a #8 seed was no fluke, they were a great team during the regular season that under performed. It's always a good thing to be on nice streak going into the playoffs and this season there are plenty of teams that could remind us of the 2012 LA Kings.

Friday, April 26, 2013

NHLers Dangling As Kids Part 3

These videos seem to come out in waves every few months and if you've missed the past few here's Part One featuring Stamkos, Toews, Phaneuf, Eberle, Byfuglien and Seabrook lighting it up in peewee. Part Two doesn't have the same all-star talent, but it does feature Max Pacioretty rocking Peter Mueller. All the footage is taken from the Brick Invitational Super Novice Tournament held annually at the West Edmonton Mall. A lot of NHL talent has passed through the tournament and now video is finally being released of them dangling and sniping as kids. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dirty Dangle's 2013 NHL Draft Predictions

"The two top prospects seen thumb wrestling to decide who's better."
Central Scouting is about to release their final rankings for the upcoming NHL Draft in June and we're pretty excited to see how they'll unfold. While we aren't out scouting games every week, we do catch a few junior games and follow many prospects throughout the season. As with every year, there are top prospects that have everybody excited, but this year there appears to be a plethora of talent to choose from. While analysts and fans can usually predict at who will go #1, this year has more than a couple names in the mix that could make for a surprising draft.

Monday, April 22, 2013

2013 Greatest Tank Battles

The race to the bottom of the NHL is always one to watch out for as the team's that are officially eliminated from playoff contention jostle for better drafting positions. Now, while NHL teams will say they're not tanking, fanbases looking to draft their next future star will actively be cheering for losses. Last season, the Columbus Blue Jackets locked up the last overall spot fairly easily as they trailed the 29th place Edmonton Oilers by 9 points at seasons end. This year however, there are plenty of teams in contention for the best odds at winning the draft lottery.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

And An Outdoor Game For You, And You, And You, And Here's Two For You!

It's been reported the NHL is looking to have a Stadium Series during the 2012-13 NHL season that will see SIX outdoor games played from January 1st to March 2nd. Talk about overdoing the novelty of the event, but it's financial success obviously means a lot to those guys who locked the players out for half a season despite record revenues. People have been saying having a Winter Classic every season is already overdoing the event, so if you're going to overdo something you can't half ass it. Let's be honest, all these games will sell out, all these games will be watched by outside markets and all these games will make a bunch of money.

NHL 14's First Look

NHL 14's first look was recently released by EA Sports and at first glance it looks pretty solid. As you can see above, they released a pretty cool trailer mixing in real life highlights with video game reenactments. The trailer really emphasizes the games new hitting engine with some massive hits being tossed around that almost guarantees this feature will be a fan favourite. Also, given that Eric Staal clip, is there now a "wink button" you can press to taunt opponents?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cheering for Columbus?

Last night I was flipping back and forth watching different games and found myself catching most of the 3rd period of the Blue Jackets and Avalanche game. My main reason was to see if Sergei Bobrovksy was going to get my fantasy team a win, but after the Blue Jackets tied the game up late and won the game in overtime I started thinking that I want this team in the playoffs.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Steve Ott A Licky Boom Boom Down's

Lining up for a faceoff you might expect some playful chirping or maybe even some aggressive jostling for position, but Steve Ott took it to the next level by licking Jeff Halpern's visor last night. It's something you would never expect lining up for a draw, and probably something you wouldn't expect from an opposing player who's team is fighting for a playoff spot and already down 4-0 in the game.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Races To Watch Down The Stretch

This might be the best way to decide who will win the 2013 Vezina Trophy
We're entering the final stretch of the 2013 NHL season and everything is heating up. Between playoff races in both conferences and scoring races wide open, it's going to be a fun finish to the shortened season. In all that hype, there's five races we'll be keeping a close eye on as the season comes to a close: the Art Ross Trophy race, the Maurice Richard Trophy race, the Southeast Division race, the race for best odds in the 2013 NHL Draft Lottery, and the Vezina Trophy Race. They're all super tight right now and we're excited to see how they finish.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Kid Rattled By Ryane Clowe Trade

Here's a hilarious video of a little San Jose Sharks fan absolutely devastated that Ryane Clowe has been traded to the New York Rangers. Poor guy, most of us have been through similar situations when our favourite players were traded to another team, but we our emotions weren't plastered on the Internet. It's always tough when one of your heroes leaves town in a trade, but mind you, our heroes didn't have 0 goals through 28 games when they were dealt. 

Here are some of our favourite lines from the clip:
"It's just hockey."
"Every time we play against him we're going to fight against him."
There's an argument against fighting we haven't heard yet. Why do players need to fight their friends?
"What if when I play Xbox... Ryane Clowe is on the Rangers?
"Can you trade on the Xbox game?
This kid is sorely mistaken. You can put Ryane Clowe on the Rangers! Hell, cheer the kid up and pay for Xbox Live so he can download updated rosters already!
"I'm sad about everything the Sharks have done, I'm so mad at them."
Our favourite line. He's probably already seen them lose in the Conference Finals twice in his short lifetime and disappoint Sharks fans every May by falling short, but Ryane Clowe being traded just destroys him.

While we're on the topic, how do you feel about filming visibly upset children and posting them on YouTube? 

Alex Ovechkin Going Ham

Not many guys take as much heat in the NHL than Alex Ovechkin. From steroid accusations to Mike Milbury rips, Ovechkin takes plenty of criticism when he's not scoring at a 65-goal pace. Well now he is. Just take a look at his stats since March 14th:

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dan(gle) Boyle Embarrasses Ryan Suter

There's a couple reasons we love Dan Boyle's coast-to-coast goal from last night. Firstly, it's not everyday you see a 36-year-old defenceman go end-to-end to score a beauty, but Dan Boyle showed us last night that he still has that offensive skill inside him. Secondly, you don't usually see end-to-end goals during 5-on-3 powerplays. Boyle doesn't even reach a defender until the opposing blueline and he only had to beat one defenceman to score. It's not like the end-to-end goals we're used to seeing where a guy goes through 3-5 guys, but Boyle did go through a pretty solid defenceman in the process. That's Ryan Suter looking like a $98M pylon in front of Boyle, not to mention a former Vezina candidate in Niklas Backstrom getting dangled.

NHL Trade Deadline Fantasy Impact

With just a few weeks left in your fantasy hockey leagues many general managers are looking for a way to move up the standings and pick up some much needed extra points. Now that there's been some movement at the trade deadline, you might have an opportunity to pluck up a gem that's been sitting on the free agent list. Trades mean new teams and new linemates. They can be a world of a difference for some players and for your fantasy hockey club.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

2013 NHL Trade Deadline Day Drinking Game!

It's that time of year again when we all complain about how brutal the NHL trade deadline is going to be, but still find ourselves glued to the TV and Twitter following along. Not much is expected to happen, but that doesn't mean you can't make the most of the day. Grab some beers, grab some liquor, load up NHL 13 and order a pizza to get you through the day! Remember, don't be an idiot and please drink responsibly.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Awards At The 3/4 Mark

We're at the 36 game mark of this 2013 NHL season and the Award races are getting tight. In most of the categories there are multiple contenders which will make for a fun month of debating who deserves to take home some hardware in June. A lot will change in the next 12 games, but as of right now these are our picks for major NHL Awards.

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