Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dan(gle) Boyle Embarrasses Ryan Suter

There's a couple reasons we love Dan Boyle's coast-to-coast goal from last night. Firstly, it's not everyday you see a 36-year-old defenceman go end-to-end to score a beauty, but Dan Boyle showed us last night that he still has that offensive skill inside him. Secondly, you don't usually see end-to-end goals during 5-on-3 powerplays. Boyle doesn't even reach a defender until the opposing blueline and he only had to beat one defenceman to score. It's not like the end-to-end goals we're used to seeing where a guy goes through 3-5 guys, but Boyle did go through a pretty solid defenceman in the process. That's Ryan Suter looking like a $98M pylon in front of Boyle, not to mention a former Vezina candidate in Niklas Backstrom getting dangled.

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