Monday, April 8, 2013

Kid Rattled By Ryane Clowe Trade

Here's a hilarious video of a little San Jose Sharks fan absolutely devastated that Ryane Clowe has been traded to the New York Rangers. Poor guy, most of us have been through similar situations when our favourite players were traded to another team, but we our emotions weren't plastered on the Internet. It's always tough when one of your heroes leaves town in a trade, but mind you, our heroes didn't have 0 goals through 28 games when they were dealt. 

Here are some of our favourite lines from the clip:
"It's just hockey."
"Every time we play against him we're going to fight against him."
There's an argument against fighting we haven't heard yet. Why do players need to fight their friends?
"What if when I play Xbox... Ryane Clowe is on the Rangers?
"Can you trade on the Xbox game?
This kid is sorely mistaken. You can put Ryane Clowe on the Rangers! Hell, cheer the kid up and pay for Xbox Live so he can download updated rosters already!
"I'm sad about everything the Sharks have done, I'm so mad at them."
Our favourite line. He's probably already seen them lose in the Conference Finals twice in his short lifetime and disappoint Sharks fans every May by falling short, but Ryane Clowe being traded just destroys him.

While we're on the topic, how do you feel about filming visibly upset children and posting them on YouTube? 


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