Monday, May 20, 2013

Mikhail Grabovski Comes Clean About Bite

The bite did happen says Mikhail Grabovski. In an interview with Dmitry Chesnokov for Puck Daddy, Grabovski admits to biting Habs forward, Max Pacioretty. Here's the quote from the interview:
What about the incident with Max Pacioretty?
“The incident? It wasn’t that much. He was choking me and I bit him. Don’t stick your hands where you shouldn’t. To be honest with you he was choking me pretty hard, to the point where I really couldn’t breathe. And I couldn’t pull his hand away at all. I tried to hit him with my other hand, but I couldn’t because he was choking me. There was nothing left to do but bite him.”
If you remember correctly, Grabovski had a phone hearing with Brendan Shanahan but was not suspended for the alleged bite. The reasoning at the time was inconclusive evidence. Obviously if you're a player defending yourself in front of the NHL's disciplinarian you're not going to admit to biting a player, so Grabovski must have fibbed to Shanny. With this new admittance does anything change? Can he be suspended after the fact? We doubt that, but it could hurt him in any future hearings. Let's be honest, if someone is choking you and you can't breathe you'll do anything to get that air. In this case, Pacioretty's hand was somewhere where it shouldn't have been and it should be left at that. A choke for a bite seems pretty fair and should only intensify the Leafs-Canadiens rivalry moving forward.


  1. Pacioretty deserved it.

  2. If you put your fingers in a guys mouth.
    Expect to get bitten.


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