Thursday, May 23, 2013

"Probably Not"

As a fan of the game I was pretty shocked to hear Daniel Alfredsson's comments after their last playoff game. Recently nominated for the Mark Messier Leadership Award, Daniel Alfredsson has been a pretty solid leader in Ottawa for most of his career and is a pillar of the franchise. Ask Siri and she'll even say Alfie is God. But after last night's loss he much pretty much tossed up the white flag, booked his flight home to Sweden and surrendered to the mighty Pittsburgh Penguins.

Here is the video of his comments

Teams can come back down 3-1 in series and they can also blow 4-1 leads in a game 7 with 10 minutes left. Hockey is a crazy sport and anything can happen so Alfie shouldn't be such a downer. You're a captain and sometimes you have to leave your emotions at the door and say the right things to try and help your team win. Can you imagine how deflating this would feel to teammates and fans. Your fearless captain who has led the team through his own boos admitting defeat. Will Ottawa fans turn on him? Probably not.


  1. That's one thing I don't like about all the little sound bytes and media hoopla over what people say. They shove cameras and mics in his face after a humiliating loss like that and what do you think will happen. Playoffs are an emotional, physically draining time. All the great team leaders like Alfie and a whole host of other NHL team captains get emotional sometimes. I think within the context the question was asked and the subject matter posed from reporter to reporter makes this little quip somewhat out of context. I don't think he was giving up on the season, this series, or his team. I think he was highlighting the fact that if Ottawa is going to win, they will have to step it up to stratospheric levels to make it out of Pittsburgh.

    1. Not a Alfie fan. But I have to agree with Dogface here.

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