Sunday, May 5, 2013

The last time the Maple Leafs were in the playoffs...

Last night was not only the 2nd Maple Leafs playoff game since 2004, but it was also the 9th anniversary of Jeremy Roenick's OT winner that started that drought. Nine years is a long fucking time so of course there were hundreds of "last time the Leafs made the playoffs" jokes going around this week. Those jokes were well deserved as a lot has happened in nine years. While watching the game last night with my bros we got to reminiscing about what life was like back in May 2004.
How was your life in 2004?


  1. Dion is a lucky guy, dipping in that

  2. Leafs really need to get a home win this series to end this 9 year drought.
    The Fans deserve it.

  3. The Leafs need a Gary Roberts type on their team this year.


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