Sunday, May 19, 2013

The NHL Playoffs Injury Parade

It's that fun time when NHL teams start to reveal what injuries their players had or suffered during the playoffs and we shake our heads in awe. We like to call this time of year the Playoffs Injury Parade as teams disclose injuries that were suspected about during series' or completely unknown about. These injuries are kept under a veil of secrecy during the playoffs as you can't give your opponent a sniff of weakness so it's always interesting when a team is eliminated and you get to see what players were playing through. There are only a few injuries that will keep a player from playing this time of year and if you don't have have some battlescars when you win than you're not doing it right.

Here are some of our favourite injuries from the first round:

Francois Beauchemin: Torn ACL
Beauchemin played for a few weeks with this injury and will be going for much needed surgery after the Ducks 7-game playoff run. Beauchemin not only tied for the Ducks playoff scoring lead with 6 points, but he also led all Ducks players in TOI with 25:22/game.

Mark Fraser: Frontal Skull Fracture
While Fraser couldn't get out of the way of Milan Lucic's slapshot that hit him in the forehead, he did dodge a big bullet on the injury front. No concussion, no vision problems, and no other serious issues. Things could have been a lot worse for the Leafs defenceman after basically having a hole in his head, but it looks like he'll recover in time for the 2013-14 season.

Tyler Bozak:  Triceps Tear
Bozak suffered a 70% tear of his triceps on the last faceoff of game 5 against the Boston Bruins. While he did take the warmup for game 6 to throw off the Bruins, the Leafs top centre was forced out of the remaining two games. He really must have been trying to win that faceoff if he tore the main muscle in the arm.

Martin Erat:  Dislocated Elbow
(Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post)
Erat dislocated his elbow in game 4 of the first round and had hoped to play if his team advanced to the 2nd round. While he missed the remaining 3 games of the series, you gotta love that Erat said had it been his right elbow he would have played, but since it was his was left it would have been too hard on his bottom hand side.

Alex Ovechkin: Fractured Foot
OV blocked a shot in Game 6 against the Rangers and suffered a hairline fracture in his left foot as a result. He finished the game, and played 19:08 in Game 7 mustering only 1 shot on goal. After his hot streak to end the season, the Caps star was held pointless in the final 5 games of the series. Did OV use this injury as an excuse for his lack of offence in the final 2 games? Nope. When asked if he was dealing with any injuries he replied "Just a few bruises, nothing major." It couldn't have been that bad as OV did go over to Sweden to get whooped by the US in the quarterfinal of the IIHF Worlds.

Ryan White: Punctured Lung
White suffered the injury in Game 3 against Ottawa and still returned to play on shift before leaving the game.  Amazingly, the injury was resolved and it would have been possible to return to the playoffs had the Habs gone further. These hockey players man, they're fucking nuts.

Brian Gionta: Torn Bicep
The injury held Gionta out of games 2 and 4 against the Senators and eventually shut him down for the playoffs as he required surgery. While it sounds painful, it appears as it was even more painful for Gionta to sit out as the news of his season ending had him crying in Michel Therrien's arms. Seriously, what coach throws their player under the humiliation bus like that?

Niklas Backstrom: Sports Hernia
The Wild's starting goalie didn't even get to play a minute of the Stanley Cup playoffs after hurting himself during the warmup of game 1. You gotta feel for the guy, but after that stunt Minnesota pulled in the offseason we think it's the Hockey Gods giving it to Parise and Suter.


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