Friday, June 28, 2013

2013 NHL Entry Draft Drinking Game

It's the long weekend and time to watch this little thing called the 2013 NHL Entry Draft in between tossing back beers at the cottage on the dock. It's good way to have some fun and drown your sorrows when your team makes a pick you disagree with, just don't be an idiot and go too hard to the point where you're puking like these kids after the Wingate test at the NHL Combine.

The rules are simple: pick your own draft order for the 1st round or use one of the many “expert” draft predictions out there (here's Bob McKenzie's rankings). Once you have that list, follows the rules below.


It's summer and a weekend so grab some cold beers and play along. With so many Halifax Mooseheads expected to be drafted in the first round, drinking Moosehead might be a good idea for this game.

For Draft Selections:

  • Drink the difference between your pick and the actual selection
  • If a player goes higher than your selection – 1 extra drink
  • If a player drops lower than your selection - 1 extra drink
  • If a player you selected slips out of the Top 10 – 3 drinks
  • If a player you selected drops out of the first round - 5 drinks

For Trades:

  • If Gary Bettman says “we have a trade to announce” – 2 drinks
  • If that trade is draft picks being swapped – 1 drink
  • If that trade involves a prospect – 2 drinks
  • If that trade involves a roster player – 3 drinks
  • If Gary Bettman is booed before making the announcement - 4 drinks

For GMs:

  • Every time a GM thanks the New Jersey Devils for hosting – 1 drink
  • Every time a GM congratulates the Chicago Blackhawks for winning the Stanley Cup – 1 drink
  • Every time Leafs GM, Dave Nonis, is shown but former GM, Brian Burke. is mentioned. - 2 drinks
  • Every time Patrick Roy is shown and Seth Jones name is brought up -3 drinks
  • Every time Flames GM, Jay Feaster, is shown and just looks like a complete mess – 4 drinks

For Players:

  • Every time they say the word "dream" while being interviewed - 1 drink
  • If a player shows obvious signs of sweating (pit stains) - 3 drinks
  • If a player actually says he is excited to play in Florida, Nashville or Calgary (they probably failed the psych tests) - 4 drinks
  • If a player curves his team hat before putting it on - 5 drinks
  • If Seth Jones falls out of the top 5 picks - chug your beer

Remember, have fun and don't be an idiot.

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