Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Players Behaving Badly: Chicago Blackhawks 2013 Stanley Cup Pub Crawl Edition

The Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup on Monday and the party hasn't stopped since. You know shit is going to get real when Captain Serious, Jonathan Toews, announces to Chicago bar owners to stay open because they're on their way home from Boston. From the looks and sounds of it, the Hawks visited just about every drinking establishment in Chicago and most of their partying with Stanley was captured on camera for us to discuss.

Here are some of our favourite photos and videos from their pub crawl through the city:
Patty Kane sniped 9 goals these Stanley Cup playoffs and was looking to hit a passing cab driver with this cork shot.
Michael Frolik got attacked by the shirt monster at the bar but kept on partying like a true warrior.

Here's some of the Hawks entering a bar to a drunken a capella version of Chelsea Dagger, double fisting beers and Andrew Shaw crowdsurfing (and hopefully not bleeding on people):

 CHAMPAGNE SHOWERS FOR EVERYONE courtesy of Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane
Here's Patrick Kane wearing a unicorn head. Really not surprised at this, but who the hell brings a unicorn head to a bar?

Jonathan Toews shows off his dance moves attempting to drink a giant bottle of champagne. 

And probably the best thing to happen during their crawl that was captured on video: Jonathan Toews crowdsurfing AND actually smiling!


  1. They won the cup. I don't see this as bahaving badly at all guys.
    Party on Hawks


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