Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Somewhere There's A Village Where The Bruins Are 2013 Stanley Cup Champions

Every year there's two sets of Stanley Cup champions gear made up and unfortunately one of those sets becomes "loser" gear. For 2013, it will be the Boston Bruins who are Stanley Cup champions in developing nations across the world as those t-shirts and hats are donated to those in need. Here's a fun song from CBC Radio's The Irrelevant Show that shows that Canada's Stanley Cup drought doesn't date back to 1993 in some parts of the world:


  1. Would have been ironic if Bruins Fans had rioted after game 6.

    Random, barely relevant comment, I know, but it was what I thought of when he said "Luongo Shut Out Boston, and No One Set Things on Fire..."

    - Pale, a Hawks Fan.

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