Thursday, August 29, 2013

Stories You Didn't Hear From Team Canada's Orientation Camp

Some of the biggest names in Canadian hockey got together this week for a 3-day Hockey Canada Olympic orientation camp and there was a lot of hype surrounding it as it's August and hockey is missed. Due to insurance costs there were no on-ice sessions this week and the camp was mostly comprised of information meetings and team bonding. With that said, there was a lot of fun had between the 46 Canadian NHLers in attendance and we've heard some stories from our sources in Calgary of the shenanigans that went on.

Here are some of the stories we heard that you might have missed:
  • Dion Phaneuf, a.k.a DJ Dizzy, tried to take over the stereo at the hotel lobby and got in a fistfight with Milan Lucic when he turned off a Red Hot Chili Peppers song.
  • Marc Methot got locked out of the hotel and couldn't get back in because security didn't believe he was an NHLer.
  • With 5 Chicago Blackhawks at camp they became the bullies of the group and teased Mike Smith to the point that he was in tears most of the camp.
  • Milan Lucic's love for stats earned him the nickname Rainman at camp. 
  • Most of the guys at camp were able to sneak out for a wild night of Albertan snatch so don't be surprised if in 9 months there are are or 2 future NHLers born. 
  • It's not confirmed, but we heard Eric Staal put a bounty on Alex Edler
  • Travis Hamonic was pretty happy to be invited to the camp, but spent most of the time asking guys for autographs and putting everything Sidney Crosby touched into ziplock bags including napkins and leftover Timbits.
  • While golfing it is estimated that a Claude Giroux injury joke was made roughly 146 times among the group. 
  • After Ryan Getzlaf passed out, good guy Patrick Sharp did what we all want to do and shaved his head for him. 
  • The team joked around that it's Marty St. Louis turn to fight David Backes, since a few of them will have to drop the gloves with him ahead of the tourney
  • Chris Kunitz was given the nickname Mrs. Crosby during the camp and was chirped that if he ever got traded he would lose half his goals in the divorce. 
  • You know that scene in Lethal Weapon 3 where Mel Gibson and Rene Russo compare battle scars? Yeah, Patrice Bergeron and Mike Green did that. 


  1. What is Travis Hamonic doing at this camp?

    1. Hamonic is very underrated and is a Seabrook type player with a mean streak

  2. Canada always bring guys to the camp that also play for them during the Worlds so this is a thank you to them.


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