Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hockey Season Is Here

Hockey season is upon us and it's time to get excited. There are many unofficial starts to the NHL season including ice being put in, NHL stars doing silly promos such as ringing the NYSE bell, and getting to see players debut in their new uniforms at a shinny skate. But with rookie camps wrapping up and team training camps starting this week it's only the beginning of the big countdown to October 1st when the puck officially drops. It's been a long summer, but finally hockey season is here.

Here are a few things to get excited about with this new hockey season starting up:
  • "Hope" Every season starts with all teams tied for first and you just never know what team will play better than expected and go all #LUMBUS on us.
  • Fantasy hockey drafts and researching who will be this years sleeper picks.
  • Your Saturday night schedule for the next 9 months is completely booked up. 
  • Getting to see the new crop of rookies and seeing who stands out.
  • This will be a full season, none of that 48-game lockout shit.
  • CBC Hockey Night in Canada montages!
  • Training camp battles for roster spots.
  • Getting to see old, wily veterans still play even though they don't need the money, but just because they love the game.
  • Rookies getting a taste of the pro life before being sent back down to junior hockey.
  • Brian Burke is now the President of Hockey Operations in Calgary so he should be good for a few sound bites a week and is now in the same province as Kevin Lowe. #barnfight
  • Sidney Crosby vs Alex Ovechkin is alive and well again.
  • Pierre McGuire will creep you out, but you will learn about hockey players hometowns and their parents names.
  • Falling asleep to hockey highlights, and waking up to them.
  • Getting out to local rinks to watch junior hockey games.
  • Playing hooky from work to watch afternoon World Junior and Olympic hockey games.
  • Beers with your buddies and puck on all night.
  • Waking up hungover on the weekend and watching afternoon games.


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