Saturday, October 26, 2013

2013 Hockey Halloween Costumes

Teenage Mutant Ninja Hertl should be a popular costume in San Jose this year.
It's Halloween time and you're probably wondering what the hell you're going to wear to the party this year. Well, if you're a hockey fan we have some great last minute ideas for you that are a lot better than last year's NHL Lockout costumes. Taking ideas from the offseason and current season such as being a half Mutant Ninja Turtle/half teenage Tomas Hertl, these costumes will definitely make for great conservation as they'll immediately turn into a hockey discussion between party-goers.

Here are a few Halloween Costume ideas to get you in the spirit:

Joe Thornton Scoring 4 Goals Celebration

(This costume could also be used as a Jiri Tlusty Dick Pic if you have a Tlusty Leafs jersey.)

Claude Giroux Golf Injury

Wear a Flyers golf shirt, carry a broken golf club, and bloody your hands and shirt. Voila!

Marc-Andre Fleury In The Playoffs

Attach a beach ball behind you while wearing a Fleury jersey.

Patrick Roy

Put "two Stanley Cup ring in your ear" and wear a Roy jersey or just go around banging on glass at the bar and just straight up act crazy.

Ice Girl

Yoga pants (or hockey socks), a tight team jersey and a shovel. Don't forget to get in the act and shovel the the mess off the table after flip cup.

Brent Burns Wookie

Someone you know from highschool has to have a Chewbacca mask, all you need is a Burns jersey.

Paul Maclean Walrus

Shave your facial hair to resemble something of a walrus.

Dustin Byfuglien Boat DUI 

Rock a Big Buff jersey, build a boat around your body, and drink plenty of booze. 


Be the NHL numbers site by dressing up as a nerd, taping some team salary caps to yourself and calculating buyouts all night,

Life-Sized Hockey Card

This is just an awesome idea for a costume and looks pretty easy to do, but go jerky and use one of the 1992-93 Pinnacle Sidelines Subset or one of our personal favourites - Pavel Bure rollerblading at the beach:

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  1. Finding a creative costume can be a tricky one, finding one that relates to hockey can be even harder. Thanks to this post, it helped a lot.


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