Sunday, December 29, 2013

HBO 24/7: Leafs-Red Wings Episode 3 Recap

HBO's 24/7 Red Wings-Maple Leafs: Road to the NHL Winter Classic airs Saturdays at 
10pm on HBO in the US or on most illegal streaming sites in Canada. It also airs Sundays 
on Sportsnet in Canada at 7:30pm with censors and commercials for some reason.
This was the one episode of HBO 24/7: Red Wings-Maple Leafs: Road to the NHL Winter Classic we were most looking forward with the holiday break a part of this week's episode. We knew this would mean more off-ice scenes and it didn't disappoint on showcasing the players personal lives. While the episode was heavy on the Maple Leafs-Red Wings game, there were some holiday traditions revealed as well as some pond hockey action in what was a nice little preview leading up to Winter Classic on New Year's Day.

Let's look at some of the highlights from Episode 3:
  • Randy Carlyle's team huddle at the end of practice was pretty interesting as he directs players to crosscheck opponents off faceoffs. He singles out Nazem Kadri for not doing it in what won't be the only time the young centreman is singled out by a coach. Would have been great if he said, "Look what Crosby did to Giroux!"
  • A Detroit Red Wing almost bailed on the ice when stepping off the plane in Toronto. Apparently, Kevin McCallister is a Maple Leafs fan.
  • We got a good look at the childhood home of Wings d-man, Brendan Smith, as he goes home to visit his parents the day before the Leafs-Wings showdown. If you didn't know, the Smith's have good genes as Brendan's younger brother, Reilly, plays for the Boston Bruins and their oldest brother, Rory, plays for Colorado in the National Lacrosse League. 
  • The Smith's dad, Lester, also misuses the phrase "folded like a cheap suit" when describing how Brendan went down pretty easy after a hit from behind from brother Reilly when the Wings-Bruins played each other last month.
  • David Clarkson takes the TTC subway to home games and is seen squished in his seat on the train despite two open seats nearby. Clarkson is making sure his 7 year, $36.75M contract will last a few lifetimes by taking the $3 commute.
  • Leafs assistant coach, Greg Cronin, picks on Nazem Kadri when asking if players are going to be a friend or enemy of complacency. Kadri answers "friend" to some laughs as he was most likely caught daydreaming about what new toys to get for his condo.
  • David Clarkson and Todd Bertuzzi get in a scrum after Bertuzzi shoots a puck at Jonathan Bernier's water bottle lying on the ice following a whistle. It's hard to believe this actually happened, but Clarkson doesn't want anyone messing with his team's water bottles. Clarkson later asks if they need the bottle police and Leafs fans are left to wonder why he makes $5.25M/season.
  • Interesting look at how Dion Phaneuf's contract negotiations are going down as Leafs assistant GM, Claude "Claudy" Loiselle, phones up Dave "Nony" Nonis to let him know where they stand with Phaneuf's agent, Don Meehan. Earlier in the day before this episode aired Darren Dreger had tweeted out 7 years/$7M for Phaneuf.
  • Danny DeKeyser eats at the same Italian restaurant every Monday when he's in Detroit and eats a big serving of meatballs. Easy on the parm there!
  • Matt Martin has excellent AHL knowledge of opponents and tells Drew Miller to go dye his hair before sitting down on the bench. Can we get a slow clap for Matt Martin?
  • Joffrey Lupul stays in New York City for Christmas because of course he does. He's single, loves NYC, and probably has a few models he can call up even on Christmas Eve to spend the night with. Shopping for Mom the day before Christmas proves Lupul is just like one of us normal guys!
  • Christmas at the Alfredsson's features Ikea meatballs, warm spiced wine, and a Swedish Santa that comes through the front door and gives out one gift each to the children. For a few seconds there we had our European Christmas traditions mixed up and thought Black Pete was going to come through the front door.
  • James van Riemsdyk's dad, Franz, looks like Eugene Levy as we get to see the van Riemsdyk's annual Christmas shinny game.
  • Henrik Zetterberg takes clappers on an outdoor pond which a big no-no considering now he has to walk through all that snow in his skates to retrieve them, but he's ultimately forgiven because his beard is legendary.

MVP of the Episode: David Clarkson

He showed us he's a little blue collar off the ice by taking public transportation, but also provided comic relief by taking great offence to Todd Bertuzzi shooting a puck at a water bottle. Our favourite moments of HBO 24/7 are when everlasting jokes are born and Clarkson as a water bottle policeman will live on for many years to come.

LVP of the Episode: Pavel Datsyuk

Sure he had a nice dangle in slow-mo, but when we found out from Puck Daddy that he called Apple about having Siri recognize him as the "Magic Man" it made that whole bit with Dan Cleary absolute bullshit.

Looking At Next Week's Episode:

We can only assume there will be footage of Joffrey Lupul doing some Boxing Day shopping before the Leafs take on the Buffalo Sabres for another shootout win. The Florida Panthers finally lose on this season of HBO 24/7 as the Wings down them 4-3 in a game in which Henrik Zetterberg returns and scores. In Toronto, Tyler Bozak also returns from injury; kind of crazy how all these players become "healthy" right before the Winter Classic, eh? Both teams play one more game before the Winter Classic on January 1st, but that game on New Year's Day is the marquee event so expect most of the episode to be dedicated to it.


  1. Who do you mean with Puck Daddy at the LVP? I think they should show more about Datsyuk because HBO has the chance to show that he isn't the quiet guy like on the ice you know.

  2. Puck Daddy provided that link about Datsyuk calling Apple.


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