Sunday, January 5, 2014

2014 World Junior Hockey Pool Results

The World Juniors have come and gone and so too has our annual hockey pool. After double-checking all the stats from the IIHF World Junior Hockey Championship website we've got our winners.
  1. Valery C. gets a hoodie.
  2. Matt G. gets a t-shirt.
  3. John N. gets the book.
    It was a close pool with our highest number of entrants ever and we look forward to growing the pool even more next year. Thanks for following along and if you are one of the above winners we'll be contacting you for mailing addresses and prizes. Cheers!

    STANDINGS (AS OF JAN 5th @ 5:00PM)

    1Valery C.88
    2Matt G.86
    3John N.85
    4Ryan S.84
    5Anthony P.84
    6Jamie D.83
    7Toby M.82
    8Josh L.82
    9Cory W.81
    10Robert S.81
    11Ellay H.81
    12Nathan S.81
    13Erin C.79
    14Jonathan B.79
    15Paul C.79
    16Allan G.79
    17Spencer A.79
    18Mark M.78
    19Matt Z.78
    20Jon D.77
    21Nick K.77
    22Adam C.77
    23John F.76
    24Ken O.76
    25Owen F.76
    26Melissa I.76
    27William McK.74
    28Kyle W.74
    29Laura H.74
    30Sarah D.74
    31Greg M.74
    32Colin O.74
    33John T.73
    34Sarah L73
    35Dylan P.73
    36Ethan L.73
    37Liam C.73
    38Brad M.73
    39Steven E.73
    40Erik W.72
    41Patrick M.72
    42Jen B.72
    43Sarah T.72
    44Mark K.71
    45Ashleigh D.71
    46Matt L.70
    47Keith D.70
    48Erin H.70
    49Shawn S.70
    50Mike R.70
    51Nathan T.70
    52Ben G.70
    53Stanley G.70
    54Mike J69
    55Jesse M.69
    56Scott T.69
    57Steve M.69
    58Jere D.69
    59Devon E.68
    60Kevin H.68
    61Julie M.68
    62Dave J.67
    63Ryan B.67
    64Camille E.67
    65Tyler R.67
    67Catherine S.67
    68Colin K.67
    69Jonas M.66
    70Lisa S.65
    71Steve L.65
    72Mike M.65
    73Alex Mo.65
    74Chris S.65
    75Dale S.64
    76Tom W.64
    77Alex R.63
    78Tristan T.63
    79Lucas M.62
    80Richard H.62
    81Daniel F.62
    82Pam M.61
    83Paul D.60
    84Madison J.59
    85Jenna H.58
    86Taylor A.58
    87Henry F.57
    88Liam H.57
    89Kyle R.57
    90Adam M.57
    91Kevin W.57
    92Flax J.56
    93Gordon W.56
    94April K.56
    95Julie A.56
    96Connor Mc.56
    97Joel S.55
    98Brian C.55
    99Derek L.55
    100Zac O.54
    101Mark W.54
    102Joel H.54
    103Eric R.53
    104James S.52
    105Daniel H.52
    106Thomas D.51
    107Mike C.50
    108John R.50
    109David F.49
    110Jamie L.49
    111Mark D.46
    112Troy B.43

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