Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Beer League Nightmare: Your Goalie Shows Up Sauced To The Game

There's nothing worse than getting ready for your rec hockey game and trying to figure out where the hell your goalie is. The clock ticks closer to game time and his usual spot in the room remains vacant. Fight with the wife? Got the game time wrong? Car trouble? Regardless, playing hockey without a goalie sucks for both teams involved and that's why this guy in the Czech Republic deserves some credit for playing shitfaced.

He's all jankity-janked and must have had a few pops with the fans behind the camera as they're focused on him. The poor guy looks like he can barely stand up, but he does look like Dominik Hasek as he makes a routine stop and falls down in the process. There's more though as he backs up into his net only to fall down and later concedes a goal while falling into the net attempting a pokecheck. It's a beer league team's nightmare to have their goalie no-show, but one showing up this sauced is just as bad.


1 comment:

  1. My teams goalie might be better if he was drunk everything game


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