Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Beer League Referee Defines Beer League

"Are you fucking drunk?!?!" is a common saying to referees in beer league hockey and it appears as though this ref wouldn't have had to respond as his actions answered for him. Twirling around like a figure skater, stumbling around on faceoffs, and even pretending to be an airplane while waiving off an icing make this short video absolutely glorious. This zebra had to reek of booze and we wouldn't doubt it if he told a player he'd piss himself if someone ran into him. We hope this was a meaningless game and the players at least knew the guy as we'd be pretty pissed if we showed up for a big game and the ref was this gassed.
Sticktap to SB Nation for one of our favourite GIFs of all time.


  1. I would shoot a puck at this guy.

  2. I think that's my Uncle
    Where is this video from???


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