Friday, March 28, 2014

Kasperi Kapanen, Son of Sami, Dangles

Sami Kapanen's son, Kasperi, is slated to be a top pick in this year's NHL Draft and rightfully so with moves like this. That's the 17-year-old Finn backchecking from deep in the offensive zone to throw a big hit at his blueline before picking up the puck and making some magic happen. Kapanen scoops up the puck in his own zone and crosses centre on a 1-on-3 in which he promptly splits two d-men at the blueline with speed and quick hands. What happens next is a Dirty Dangle of the Year candidate as he puts his stick and the puck between his legs to bury it past the goalie while that 3rd defenceman attempts a stick check. Why the bench clear and gloves toss? This was the bronze medal game of the Finland's U-18 league and he had the balls to do that. The team must have celebrated in true Finnish fashion as we have no idea what the team was thinking by uploading this amazing goal in this perspective.

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