Friday, June 27, 2014

2014 NHL Entry Draft Drinking Game

The 2014 NHL Entry Draft begins tonight with the first round of picks and what better way to celebrate the event than with some beers. The draft is always an exciting time as you never know what might happen in terms of who your team will pick or if a big trade will happen and this year could get especially crazy. As with any big NHL event, we like to make a little drinking game out of it and have some fun watching where the future of the league will be ending up. With that said, buy some beer and invite some friends to join you, just don't be an idiot and go too hard to the point where you're puking like these kids after the Wingate test at the NHL Combine.

The rules are simple and should be easy to follow along with even after a few beers. First, pick your own mock draft for the 1st round or use one of the many expert draft predictions out there (here are Bob McKenzie's rankings). Once you have your draft order, follows the rules below.

For Draft Selections:

Drink the difference between your mock pick and the actual selection
If a player drops lower than your selection - 1 extra drink
If a player you picked slips out of the Top 10 – 3 drinks
If a player you picked drops out of the first round - 5 drinks

For Trades:

If Gary Bettman says “we have a trade to announce” – 2 drinks
If that trade is draft picks being swapped – 1 drink
If that trade involves a prospect – 2 drinks
If that trade involves a roster player – 3 drinks
If Gary Bettman is booed before making the announcement - 4 drinks

For GMs:

Every time a GM thanks the Philadelphia Flyers for hosting – 1 drink
Every time a GM congratulates the Los Angeles Kings for winning the Stanley Cup – 1 drink
Any time Glen Sather is shown with a cigar in his mouth - 2 drinks
If it's mentioned that this is a GM's first time drafting - 3 drinks
If a GM's playing days are talked about - 4 drinks

For Players:

Every time they say the word "dream" while being interviewed - 1 drink
Any time the number of chin-ups a player can do is mentioned - 2 drinks
If a player shows obvious signs of sweating (pit stains) - 3 drinks
If a player curves his team hat before putting it on - 4 drinks
If a player trips or stumbles on his way up to the stage - chug your beer

Remember, have fun and be safe.

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