Monday, June 30, 2014

2014 NHL Free Agent Frenzy Drinking Game

The free agent frenzy has shifted back to July 1st and all of Canada will be BBQing and following along to see where the free agents land. It should be a busy day with plenty of rumours already swirling around which will make updating your NHL 14 rosters in real time that much more fun. With that said, study your list of available free agents, turn on the show, overdose on Twitter, and get ready to drink.

Here are the rules:

One Drink

  • For every free agent signing.
  • Any time "CBA" is mentioned. 
  • Every time you check CapGeek.
  • Any time the panel reviews the best available players. 

Two Drinks

  • Every time an NHL GM is shown on TV.
  • Every time you get a text message from a friend or family member about a recent signing.
  • If a player's agent name is mentioned.
  • If a UFA player re-signs with their team.

Three Drinks

  • When a recently signed player is interviewed over the phone.
  • If you miss a signing because you were getting a new drink.
  • If a player over the age of 35 signs a new contract.
  • When a recently bought out player is signed. 

Four Drinks

  • If a trade is made.
  • For every deal worth over $5M/year. 
  • If a player over the age of 40 signs a new contract.
  • Any time a family member or friend phones you to talk about a signing. 


  • If you fall for a fake Twitter account announcing a signing.
  • If your team signs a guy you really wanted. 
  • If a restricted free agent signs an offer sheet.
  • If a panelist on TV is caught eating.

Have fun and don't be an idiot, drink responsibly.

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