Thursday, September 25, 2014

Have We Seen The Last Of...

The best way to leave the NHL is at your home rink when the crowd knows they'll never see you skate in the league again. When Teemu Selanne finished last season he got the proper send off he deserved and he even let J.S. Giguere in on the fun. The same goes for Ryan Smyth who made many Oilers fans teary-eyed during his last NHL game and Saku Koivu who got a great send-off when he played his last NHL game in Montreal. These were great goodbyes that we knew were coming, however there are many NHLers who we might have missed the chance to wave goodbye to.

Talking NHL Award Props

Is this the face of a man who could make you a lot of money?
Nothing gets some friendly "what if" discussion going like player props and the talk started this week as online oddsmaker Bovada released their betting lines for who will win the major NHL awards in 2014-15. Everyone has their predictions going into a season, but once you see some of the odds next to players names it can change things. Suddenly favourites don't look worth the money where as a sleeper pick becomes mighty appetizing at 30/1. Whatever your picks, it's a sign that the puck is getting closer to dropping in October.

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