Sunday, November 2, 2014

9-Year-Old Johnny Hockey Just As Shifty

It's been almost a year since our favourite YouTube account has uploaded video of NHLers playing in their youth hockey days and they returned with a beauty. Here we have Johnny Gaudreau a.k.a. Johnny Hockey of the Calgary Flames playing for Boston in the 2003 Brick Invitational Super Novice Hockey Tournament as a 9-year-old. He doesn't look much bigger than he is now as a rookie in the NHL at 5'9", 150lbs, but you get to see Gaudreau's dangles that he is known for today.

Watch him go end-to-end and almost score before pulling a reverse Dougie Gilmour and burying a wraparound:

Also, these novice kids cycle better than my beer league team.

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