Saturday, January 24, 2015

2015 NHL All-Star Game Skills Competition Drinking Game!

Go home, Carey. You're drunk.
This is a new one for us and we're sorry if you're still hungover from last night's Fantasy Draft Drinking Game, but get ready to rally for a good night. The Skills Competition is one of the more fun nights of the NHL season and the highlight of the All-Star Weekend. Players personalities are on display, Penguins stand next to Flyers, and there's no real drama to get you all wound up - it's just a fantastic all-around fun event so why not have a few drinks to go along with it?

The rules for our inaugural Skills Competition Drinking Game are simple:

For each event, pick a winner. If your pick wins, you're in the clear. If you're pick loses, you have to drink double the amount of their finishing place (you'll catch a break on the team events). Example, you pick Duncan Keith as fastest skater and he finishes 6th - you drink 12! Fun stuff. Drink responsibly.

Here are the events:
  • Fastest Skater
  • Breakaway Challenge
  • Accuracy Shooting
  • Skills Challenge Relay
  • Hardest Shot
  • Shootout

1 Drink 

  • Every time you are told to vote on Twitter. 
  • Any time a previous event winner is mentioned. Zdeno Chara, Mike Gartner, etc.
  • For every time a player misses passing the puck into those tiny nets during the Skills Challenge Relay.
  • Any time a player's kid is shown on the ice or benches.

2 Drinks

  • If there is confusion as to whether a player hit a target in the accuracy competition or not.
  • If a player uses a prop during the Breakaway Challenge.
  • Every time a player is shown filming the event on their phone.
  • Every time an NHL team mascot is shown.

3 Drinks

  • For every cannon blast at Nationwide Arena.
  • For every bald spot you see (looking at you Shattenkirk and Getzlaf).
  • If the Hardest Shot radar doesn't work or a player misses the net.
  • If a hot mic catches a swear.


  • If a new record is set during one of the events. 
  • If a player is injured à la Rick DiPietro.
  • If a player falls during an event.
  • If a rookie wins an event.

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