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We knew the Buffalo Sabres were bad, but going 0-12-0 in January and 0-14-0 since December 27th, 2014 has them on the path to history. In that stretch of 14 games the Sabres have a goal differential of -40 with 61 goals against. The record for longest losing streak is set at 17 games and belongs to the 1974-75 Washington Capitals and the 1992-93 San Jose Sharks.

Let's take a look at those disastrous streaks:

The Capitals 1974-75 Losing Streak

This was Washington's first season in the NHL and they finished with an overall record of 8-67-5 and while allowing an NHL record 446 goals against. The Caps didn't have a great roster like most expansion teams and would be pummeled to the tune of 115 goals against during their streak and a -82 goal differential. The Caps would obviously finish last and eventually trade away their first pick in the 1975 NHL Amateur Draft to Philadelphia for Bill Clement, Don McLean, and the Flyers 18th overall pick. 

The Sharks 1992-93 Losing Streak

In San Jose's 2nd season following expansion they would match the Capitals dismal record of 17 straight losses and set a league record with 71 losses. On top of their 17 game losing streak they also had two separate 13-game losing streaks - it was ironic they played at the Cow Palace because they were absolute shit. During their 17-game losing stretch they allowed 88 goals and scored 31 for a differential of -57. Amazingly, the 11-71-2 Sharks would finish ahead of the Ottawa Senators in the standings with 1 more win than the 10-70-4 Senators for the tiebreaker. It burned the Sens in the end, as they would draft Alexandre Daigle while the Sharks would trade down for Sergei Makarov and picks

Buffalo's Upcoming Games

Those are some tough matchups with their next two against Top 5 teams and the potential record-tying game against the struggling Dallas Stars. The potential record-breaking game would be against a Top 5 team as well so the chances at history are looking pretty good. 

Despite Montreal being a much superior team on paper and in the standings, the Sabres have given them hell this season and have actually earned 5 of 6 points against the Habs with a 2-0-1 record. St. Louis throttled the Sabres 6-1 back in November and should be another W for the Central Division beasts. Dallas hasn't played Buffalo this season, but you have to like the chances of Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn going ham as they push for the playoffs against the worst team in the NHL. The Islanders lost to the Sabres in a shootout in December and could have their hands full with a team not wanting to enter the NHL record books as the longest loser. 

Anything could happen and you can't measure how much pride will come into play. While Buffalo are a really bad hockey team, there's still a few professionals on the roster who won't want their names attached to this brutal losing streak. Losing streak or not, the Sabres are looking good to pick either Connor McDavid or Jack Eichel in June. 

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  1. Nothing ever came out of Buffalo.
    Brutal city that should just burn away


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