Thursday, January 22, 2015

Lottery Simulator Makes Dreams Come True

It's that time of year when plenty of hockey fans realize that their teams will not make the postseason - unless of course you're a Sabres or Oilers fan then you probably knew that months ago. The losses have piled up and you've started looking forward to trading players at the deadline to contenders and even more so - to the NHL Draft Lottery. You hate to cheer against your team, but you know you give a silent fist pump to the tank gods as your team slides deeper into the bottom of the league standings. Each lost game should be a step towards a brighter future.

If you are like me and cheer for a sorry sack of shit hockey team enjoy this NHL Lottery Simulator which updates the standings daily and also gives you the percentage your brutal hockey team has at winning the NHL Draft Lottery. The race to the bottom is a shameful one as nobody likes to be known as a tanker, but in the end you know seeing your team with the top pick makes you a happy fan. It only took me 27 times for the Leafs to win the top pick.

The odds are different this time around giving more teams a greater chance at winning the lottery allowing for their team representative to try and contain their shit-eating grin as they leapfrog a worse team in front of them:


  1. If McDavid is a Leaf I will name my first child McJesus

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