Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Olli Jokinen Discovers River Of Pink Slime Underneath The Air Canada Centre

Pretty bored in Leafland these days so let's have some fun with Ghostbusters.
"The one thing I noticed being here two days is there’s a lot of negative energy around here." - Olli Jokinen after his first game as a Toronto Maple Leaf.
The booing, the paper bags over heads, the jersey tossing - they can only be explained by one thing. Not frustrated Leafs fans, but a river of pink slime flowing underneath the Air Canada Centre à la Ghostbusters 2.
Jokinen has officially been introduced to the Toronto hockey market and is feeling the full force of it after previous stays in Florida, Phoenix and Nashville. Joining a team that has lost 23 of their last 27 is a difficult thing to do, but joining a losing team in the centre of the hockey universe has got to be a shock to the system. In Toronto, another losing season will breed negativity, but so will Psychomagnotheric Slime
Now that the Leafs are in a rebuild there should be some positive energy on the horizon come draft time, if not, team management better pour some pink slime on Legends Row and have them enter the ACC to Jackie Wilson's "Higher and Higher" to cheer up the city. Time will tell how long Vigo Jokinen is in the city, but we'll continue to enjoy his honesty surrounding the team while he's here.


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