Monday, March 2, 2015

What's The Deal With Daily Fantasy Hockey?

Tyler Seguin's knee injury might have derailed your fantasy season, but not if you're into daily fantasy hockey!
Unless you've been living under a rock this NHL season, you've probably heard of the new fantasy fad sweeping the hockey world - daily fantasy hockey leagues. From sponsoring leagues to in-rink advertising, daily fantasy hockey is growing and offers those fantasy hockey junkies a chance to make some coin throughout the season. Different than your standard season-long leagues where friends toss in $20 each for the year, daily fantasy hockey allows you to draft a new roster every night and stay in the game the entire year.

Daily fantasy hockey is salary cap-based and gives managers the opportunity to feel trends and not have to suffer through the injuries of star players you might experience in season-long leagues. With differing opinions on players and various strategies to work with, there is no perfect formula for building a winning roster and your armchair GM skills will be tested. There are plenty of leagues to choose from with head-to-head leagues offered as well as your standard tournament pools with payouts to multiple winners. Staying in the loop of the NHL on a day-to-day basis will not only give you a leg up on the competition with daily fantasy hockey, but in your season-long leagues as well. Many fantasy hockey information sites have adapted to this evolving industry and now feature daily fantasy hockey tools on their sites. From cheat sheets to line-up optimizers, these sites can go a long way in finding fantasy hockey league success on a daily level now.

You might be thinking about how this is all legal as the last time you checked online sports betting was banned. Well, online fantasy sports are considered a game of skill and have a specific exemption from legislation. It all makes sense as picking a roster of 9 players from different positions under a salary cap is more skillful than simply picking a team to win. If you participate in fantasy hockey then you know there is very little luck in winning your leagues. Drafting is a huge factor as well as following player trends throughout a season as you deal with injuries and struggling players. Daily fantasy hockey takes those skills and applies them on a day-to-day basis.

It's super fun and we're glad daily leagues are now an option for fantasy hockey fans. If you're ready to check out the daily fantasy hockey craze sweeping the hockey world then click here for an exclusive FanDuel promo code and receive a 100% deposit bonus on your first deposit.


  1. Been doing this since last year and up over $1000 bucks.
    My wife hates it. But she likes the new TV I bought for the living room with my winnings.

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  4. Fantasy hockey is great. I have been very interested in fantasy sports ever since I understood that they existed. I came across this site and now I am playing fantasy NBA, NFL and NHL. It has made the games much more fun to watch.

  5. Hockey season is my favourite time of the year, cause all my family comes together. I stop writing essays for just for the time, until the season ends.




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